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  1. Hey @chrisdo you plan to share your themes? I'm not saying that Vero's ones are not good (!) but yours look great!
  2. Any update on FF bookmarks integrated into Alfred?
  3. mickaphd

    macOS Big Sur

    I agree... I hope they will update Alfred themes or at least the theme editor asap so we can have or make something correct that fit well with Big Sur...
  4. Hi, I did a clean install of Mojave recently and re-install Alfred (3.8.1) and I just noticed that my Safari bookmarks do not appear, even if the option is activated in Alfred preferences. Is it only me or is it a bug from the new version? Thanks for the help M
  5. Thanks very nice piece of work! And the workflow is great ?
  6. mickaphd

    Dark Mojave

    A simple theme for Mojave DOWNLOAD
  7. Thanks a lot guys, both of them works like a charm. Very good examples for me to learn now how I can do other workflows!
  8. Thank you deanishe. I was not able to download the workflow because of 404 error. Will try with the pbpaste command
  9. Hi guys, Quick question: I would like to use Alfred to open a pasted url in another app: IINA (a VLC equivalent that I use to play youtube videos for example). I already created a small workflow with this request "iina://weblink?url={query}" which works perfectly fine when I paste the URL. But I would like to use automatically what I copied in the clipboard. I tried some stuffs like "iina://weblink?url={clipboard:0}" but it's not working. Any idea? Thanks a lot M
  10. mickaphd

    Alfred Purple

    A simple theme with Alfred's purple DOWNLOAD
  11. Clear Safari: this simple workflow launch an AppleScript to clear Safari history/cache/cookies/etc. DOWNLOAD Safari Incognito: this one enable private browsing in Safari by opening a new private window DOWNLOAD
  12. Hi guys, I would like to use several workflows with auto-suggests like for Google or IMDB that we can find here or on Packal but most of time, I never have suggestions. Or in the best case it works at the beginning and not after a few times... I don't know if it's link to Python. Do you have an idea to fix that? Thanks a lot
  13. Same for me, but for all google services (search, images, etc...). Amazon, DuckDuckGo and the others works fine so indeed maybe a problem from Google API...
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