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  1. Hello, I'm hoping someone will take pity on me and help me iron out this problem, because I'm completely at a loss as to what to do! I've been using a Workflow every day that controls VirtualBox, it works really well but only for virtual machines (VM's) running locally on my laptop. Unfortunately I've had to move the bulk of my VM's to a remote machine running on my local network, which obviously means that I can no longer use the workflow in its current form to control those remote VM's. So my obvious question is this: is it possible for me to adapt this workflow to control those VM's running on the remote machine, and if so can somebody advise me on how to implement this change please? I've been trying to learn bash scripting for a few months but I have not been having any luck, to be honest I'm not entirely sure where to start when implementing this solution! I reached out to the writer of this workflow both on this forum and on his Github about eight months ago, but I guess he must be really busy because I haven't had any reply just yet. It's a shame, because this must be one of my most used Workflows! I've forked his repository here if that helps? Anyway, are any of you at a loose end and looking to help nudge a newbie into solving this vexing problem? There will probably be Karma and cakes in it for you. :-) Thanks P
  2. *Puts laptop in a locked box* … *In a hole at the bottom of the garden* --- *hides under the bed*
  3. My problems with the API is that my coding skills are rubbish! I'd fallen at the first hurdle with trying to grab the URL from the browser, so now that I have an idea where to start I might be able to wage through the API and come up with something. I will let you know where I get to with it, I mean, what can possibly go wrong?! :-)
  4. Hello People, I'd really appreciate some help with this workflow, just a starting point would be great because I'm not entirely sure where to begin. I would like to be able to add any URL open in my browser to my Bufferapp.com queue. Buffer is a web app that enables you to add links that you find interesting to a queue, and then buffer will tweet them out on your behalf at schedule you devise. At the moment I'm using the Google Chrome extension adds a contacts menu each time you right click on a link, or any other part of a web page; there is also supposed to be a keyboard shortcut but it is really unreliable, and after quite a long to-ing and fro-ing with the people at buffer we were not able to solve the problem. So Alfred to the rescue it is! (Hopefully) As far as I can tell I would need to be able to detect which browser I'm using, grab the link in question and then add it to the buffer. They have an API but I've been reading around it for a couple of days, and I'm still none the wiser. Has anybody got any ideas about where I might start? Cheers :-)
  5. Hi There, I've been using this workflow for a while quite successfully and it's really useful, however for no apparent reason it just suddenly refuses to work; I have no problems both creating a new post and generating the site from the command line, but no luck with the workflow. Here are the relevant error logs: op_rake.log & op_trace.log Again, really great post!
  6. Hi there, First off, this is a brilliant workflow and something I would probably use dozens of times a day but I have a slightly different workflow. What I would like to be able to do is: Grab the link from the frontmost Chrome window and if possible, extend this functionality to other Markdown editors; do you have any idea how I might go about implementing these changes? Any help you could give me would be really useful, because I would use this workflow so much!
  7. Hi there, This is a really great workflow and I use it every day, however I've recently started keeping all of my VM's on a remote machine on my local network; can you give me some help in being able to use this workflow to control the virtual machines that are not my local computer? My programming skills are really not much, but even a nudge in the right direction of a solution would be a great help! I'm going to see if I can wrap your code inside some AppleScript that will enable it to work on my server at home, no idea if this will work but it's got to be worth a try :-) again, definitely a great workflow.
  8. Hey there, thanks for the contribution; if I get it working it's going to be absolutely invaluable! I have milkmaid up and running perfectly inside the terminal, but I'm getting "Fetching Data" each time I tried to use the workflow; I get the "Fetching Data" message for about three seconds and then Alfred changes and asks if I want to search Google for the term "RTM" I've also downloaded controller.py and each time I try to run it I get the following error: <!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en" xmlns:fb="http://ogp.me/ns/fb#" xml:lang="en" class="" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><head><script type="text/javascript">window._document_observe_listeners = []; document.observe = function(event, func) { window._document_observe_listeners.push({event: event, func: func}); }; window._jquery_ready_handlers = []; jQuery = function(handler) { window._jquery_ready_handlers.push(handler); }; function on_script_loaded(func) { (window.LoadedJsSuccessfully && document.loaded) ? func() : document.observe('script:loaded', func); }</script> <link href="https://dt8kf6553cww8.cloudfront.net/static/images/favicon-vflonlsct.ico" rel="shortcut icon" /><link href="https://dt8kf6553cww8.cloudfront.net/static/css/main-vflmxWhcl.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" /><link href="https://dt8kf6553cww8.cloudfront.net/static/css/web_sprites-vfloh7ssY.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" /><link href="https://dt8kf6553cww8.cloudfront.net/static/images/dropbox_webclip-vflO8tEZ4.png" rel="apple-touch-icon" /><link href="/w3c/p3p.xml" rel="P3Pv1" /><script type="text/javascript">window.ST=+new Date();</script><meta content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" http-equiv="content-type" /><meta content="Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Never email yourself a file again!" name="description" /><meta content="online storage, free storage, file sharing, share files, ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax My Python is utterly rubbish so I'm not entirely sure what to do with that error message unfortunately. Anyway, great workflow and any help he could give me would be really appreciated.
  9. You know, can't believe it didn't occur to me to put a space after the W! Sorry about that, thanks for the help :-) *Sheepish grin*
  10. Hi Andrew, It was this workflow: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/655-wolframalpha-workflow/?hl=wolfram Another piece of information about this, when I do "W" I get a list of applications that begin with W and the workflow only appears when I pressed the sometimes. But not always.
  11. Hi guys, I was going to post this in the bugs forum, but it's probably not the right place. TL; DR - How do I set Alfred to use a capital letter as a keyword, as Alfred always seems to lowercase any single keyword. The Over Explainy Bit I've been using Alfred since shortly after it came out and because I am quadriplegic using a voice interface to control my computer, Alfred is absolutely essential. He's the best manservant person can have! I tell you that to put this problem in some sort of context, so here goes: When I'm using Alfred I will say "search Alfred" which opens Alfred, then I will for instance say "W" to bring up the Wolfram| Alpha workflow; but the problem Is my voice software always capitalises any letter I say in isolation. But I don't seem to be able to set a capital letter as a keyword in Alfred. I'm completely aware that I could be missing something TOTALLY obvious, so if somebody could point me in the right direction of a solution or even a place to start that would be great!
  12. I get to the droplr download page, click on the download link which then takes me to a completely blank page with the message "AccessDeniedAccess denied" in the top left-hand corner of the page. I try turning off adblock just in case it was interfering somehow, but alas that didn't solve the problem. Any ideas? EDIT: okay, it has downloaded and it's working wonderfully. It appears the culprit was was the Chrome extension HTTPS Everywhere, I've no idea why this should be so only that it is so! Thanks for the great extension :-)
  13. I was working on converting this very same script this morning, so I thought I'd better come and check I wasn't reinventing the wheel. And low and behold I find this post. Excellent work that man, excellent work!
  14. Hi, I'd like to download this but the download link appears to be broken, getting PermissionDenied error. I've tried in Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
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