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  1. Thank you for your detailed response. Very professional. I appreciate your time as this workflow has many uses. I haven't tried, but I assume I could download audio from a link? For example, a music link from SoundCloud. I need to research how to make workflows. I am currently learning python and I am wondering if I could practice the language by creating some workflows. Thanks again for everything, @vitor! Your hardwork is appreciated. The update works beautiful! Edit: There are applications out there that do exactly this but they cost an unnecessary amount of $$$. Yours is robust and gets the job done.
  2. So should I redownload the workflow? If so, should I delete my current version? Also, if I have already installed downvidservices the old way, should I uninstall and reinstall? Thanks for this update! @vitor
  3. These themes are top notch. Nice work, leefur. Appreciate you keeping them updated also!
  4. Nevermind. I am too used to Alfred's native auto populate. You have to type the full command in then "invalid command" disappears and the calculation displays.
  5. Ah okay. Cool. Thank you. Looks like dcalc does not work for Alfred 3? I keep getting invalid commands.
  6. Am I completely blind? I cannot find the download link.
  7. Can you try it for this URL? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6rBK0BqL2w
  8. I just tried this on new Mac and after 50 seconds keyboard still wouldn't unlock? The notification popped up that it was unlocked, though. Also, trackpad didn't lock.
  9. When I tested out the services, it said invalid URL. But when I pick download to watchlist through Alfred it works. Something I'm doing wrong? I like to right click instead of opening Alfred.
  10. Perfect. Thank you. Is there a way to customize it to increase the breadth of sharing capabilities? For example, iMessage does not pop up as an option and I would like to add it.
  11. Dumb question. I don't understand how to share a file. Do I have to modify the workflow? Sharing text is straight forward.
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