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  1. Fixed. Thanks. Fixed (I think so). Thanks. Fine. Copy. Readme file and info changed. Yes. Thanks for your attention && suggestions, @deanishe. Best regards.
  2. Very hard for me in english… If you already have a nodejs server running on a port, it's easy to send a request to run a dedicated osascript : `localhost:1337/message/15/show` 15 is a message ID, stored in a mysql table (for instance) with all the message information (folder and so on). Tell me if I'm wrong ;). It's not a entirely new application. Outlook is an application, Todoist is an application, this idea is just a hack. To solve a problem. Sorry if I'm wrong. Cheers
  3. link -> AppleScript -> Outlook (or other similar interface, nodejs for instance) See MacOS Automation
  4. Thanks for the explanation, @djsharpe. An interesting exercice. As far as I know, Todoist works with a Rest API. So AppleScript + Url should do the trick. Get the selected message in Outlook, send a rest request to Todoist (with title, sender, and so on). In the body (note), a link for Outlook to open the message.
  5. Hi djshare, I'm not sure I can understand (due to my poor english). Is "Todoist inbox" a "folder" in Outlook app (so you want to send to and receive a mail from Outlook) or do you speak about the Todoist's application ? Did you try with AppleScript? What are your requirements, exactly? What do you want to do (in dumb language :-))? Bien à toi, Phil
  6. Hi everyone, Here's a very small workflow to convert a (lovely) PNG image to a (lovely) ICNS icon file (that you can use for your node.js app, for example). Import the workflow from -> the github repository Make a (lovely) 1024x1024 PNG image, Select it in the Finder, Hit CMD + ALT + CTRL + i (like "Image") Et voilà! You can also use the bash script, with more options (png2icns.sh). Enjoy!
  7. Waouh! :-) Nice to be able to change the theme so easily! :-) Thanks, Mum! :-)
  8. Thanks, @Vero, Sorry for my silly question but… Where can I do that? In Alfred (3) Preferences > Features > Snippets I can only set up « Viewer Hotkey » and « Snippet Keyword » (with « snip » as default) I don't want a hotkey so the default keyword « snip » is what I need but it doesn't open « your » Snippets Viewer. It opens mine (my pict above) Fine! :-) Almost invisible in my theme though (Frosty Teal — Alfred default theme) — as you can see below. Maybe one day you'll have time to add this keyword info in the « snip list » above (in the meantime, I'll do it with a workflow of mine). Cheers, And big thank for this awesome app ! Phil
  9. When I use « snip » keyword (and a short text start) to see my snippet list, the snippet list appears with some CMD + N keystroke. I use this list when I forget my keyword so, in this list, I'd like to see my keyword too, for memory refresh (see the pict).
  10. That's the reason why I thought it could be a nice idea. ;-)
  11. LOL. Too kind, thanks. By the way, what about a french section in forum?
  12. Hi, « Ruby-ish support »?… What do you mean? As far as I know, Ruby for Firefox is not a programming language. @gammawert, a little workflow for you ;). -> Url It In Other Browsers (on Github) Open an URL in Safari, stroke CMD + ALT + CTRL + U => the url opens in Firefox and Opera. Alfred 3 required. Enjoy!
  13. Hi, I'm new to Alfred but maybe this will help to start: tell application "Safari" set theUrl to URL of first tab of front window end tell do shell script "open -a Firefox " & quoted form of theUrl Enjoy! Phil
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