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  1. Good evening everybody, I am looking for directions (a) to find an already existing workflow (that I wasn't able to find) or (b) to allow me to create my own, in regards to the following "problem": I use Safari as my primary and have Opera installed as my secondary browser. While viewing a website in Safari, I sometimes would like to be able to use an Alfred-keyword to open the same website in Opera and vice-versa. Any directions? Thank you!
  2. I like good readability … maybe I am just getting old. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Another terminal style Alfred 3 theme. Enjoy. (running on 1280x800) :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Download
  3. The snippet-solution is perfect. Thanks for pointing this out. Sometimes, things can be so simple
  4. Hello everybody. The problem: I am dealing with a lot of files in my office-job. We have a naming convention, that every file starts with the recursive date. For loremipsum.txt created today, it would be 160615-loremipsum.txt, basically %y%m%d-filename I would like to have a workflow that creates the date automagically. The solution? In theory I think I know how to do it (1) Keyword (2) Terminal Command, which executes date +%y%m%d (3) Copy to Clipboard with the option set, to automatically paste to front most app. I tried setting up a workflow like described above, but wasn't successful. It just opened up a terminal executing the command. But the terminal should not open, ideally the command is executed in the background and the output of the command should be pasted to the front most app, which my version of the workflow didn't do as well. I am thankful for any advice on how to set up a workflow for this problem correctly.
  5. My two long-time themes for day and night use. Day Version Download Day-Version (dropbox-link) Night Version Download Night-Version (dropbox-link)
  6. I know this is more of a cosmetic request, but still: I would like to be able to set up Alfred to use random themes. Defined by separately chosen themes I want to have included in the "random selection" Defined by timeframes I can choose (let's say every 1h a different theme or every 24h) In addition I would like to be able to use any font in an Alfred theme that is installed on my machine, even though that makes sharing themes complicated. Thx for an amazing piece of software which I am happy to support as a Mega Supporter
  7. good news Andrew. is it just the "Helvetica Neue" font or will Alfred allow users to use any font they have installed on the system (which of course will be a problem in sharing themes, due to non-standard fonts being installed on each specific system).
  8. I gave it a try, but didn't spend much time on it. I chose the dark theme of Launchbar, which looks like this: The result in Alfred looks like this: It comes close, but is far from perfect. Theme download here I would be happy, if somebody else gives it a try, because I am sure, somebody with more experience and skill can come closer to the original. What font do they use in Launchbar?
  9. Found the solution, it was a wrong TextWrangler setting. Thank you for your help.
  10. With exactly this code, I get the following result: Is it maybe textwrangler acting funny?
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