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    mlondon reacted to Vero in Force Alfred to just search for Folder names?   
    @mlondon The built-in workflow you can use for this is under Workflows > [+] > Examples > Simple Folder Search  
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    mlondon reacted to deanishe in Need help with Sci-Hub Workflow   
    As best as I can tell, it can't be done.
    You are going about it in the wrong way (adding search?q={query} may work for Google, but every website is different), but it's impossible to create a web search for Sci-Hub.tw because it uses POST requests for search, not GET, so there's no way to pass the search query to your browser or the website, nor to tell your browser it needs to use POST.
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    mlondon reacted to dfay in Request for Google Ngram Workflow   
    {query} in the custom search refers to what you've typed into Alfred - you can type in a comma-separated list of terms, and it will search for each term, just as if you had typed it into the ngrams search box.
    Here are the directions for creating a custom search : https://www.alfredapp.com/help/features/web-search/ - basically you need to click the Add Custom Search button and paste the URL I provided above.
    It's really not hard to do, and well worth looking at so you can try the solutions other people have provided (preferably before saying they don't work....) even if you are not going to be creating your own custom searches.
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    mlondon reacted to deanishe in "Reduce Transparency" Workflow needed   
    This should do the trick.
    Would it not be more useful to have a script that checks the setting every X minutes, and turns it on if it's off?
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