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  1. @dfay Hi. Loving this. Slight offtrack but can you please include ability to add bracket () [] <> to selected words? Thanks
  2. Thanks for this useful workflow. Please include website icon if that is possible. It is easier to quickly pick out targeted website by website icon like how Safari shows icon and description of each tab compared to reading wordy description of each tab displayed by workflow. Thanks.
  3. sorry, thought copied & pasted error message. 352:360: syntax error: Expected end of line, etc. but found “end tell”. (-2741) Probably I made a simple stupid mistake. Not a coder, searched around forum and came up with code. More specifically, are the 2 lines below correct to find out name of URL? I tried them separately and doesn't seem to work. tell application "Safari" to return URL of front documentif clipboard starts with "www.someurlname.com" then
  4. Hi. Trying to make an applescript workflow that checks whether tab 1 has url (for example "www.someurlname.com") and enter bunch of text if that's the url. Getting error but can't figure out how to fix it. Thanks. tell application "Safari" to activate tell window 1 of application "Safari" to set current tab to tab 1 tell application "Safari" to return URL of front document if clipboard starts with "www.someurlname.com" then delay 0.01 tell application "System Events" keystroke "{query}" key code 36 end tell else return end if end tell
  5. Enter in snippet {date:MMddyy}
  6. Thanks for the workflow. - similar tbrown, workflow can access reminder but not calendar. Calendars in Privacy doesn't show Alfred app to enable access. No issue with Reminders - how to mark a reminder as done? - is there a way to change message displayed when nothing upcoming? Thanks
  7. Great! Also a mega supporter of TB, hopefully Tyler can hook up to Alfred.
  8. Thanks @Pearcen. I've modified it work with my setup. Pity workflow below doesn't work on Big Sur. It lists all layouts in Moom setup so can pick & choose which one to launch. 2nd portion works which is essentially @dfayscript but the 1st portion of getting list from Moom only works on Catalina.
  9. @Pearcen, thanks will give it a try. ^⌥⌘W is your shortcut for a specific Moom layout?
  10. Hi. Does this work on Big Sur? Can you please post a link to workflow? Thanks
  11. Didn't know this calendar workflow exited and thanks for fixing for Big Sur. Unfortunately Big Sur does render few workflows obsolete 🤨. Hopefully more workflows will get updated. Thanks again for fixing this one.
  12. Tried on other laptop running Catalina and workflow works. Recent Big Sur update must have screwed up this workflow
  13. This has suddenly stopped working recently. Not working despite deleting and import workflow.
  14. Hi. It's a shortcut and directory is in advanced. Attached is what I've also tried also didn't work; tried few more variations including open in Parallels and without "open in", etc. Parallels Clients is launched but not subsequent shortcut. Only works if I click on shortcut on desktop. Will stick to launching is via clicking icons - extra steps but at least that works.
  15. @NikG @deanishe, mine's setup like NikG's screenshot above but didn't work. Strange that when typed app shortcut on Alfred and it didn't show up. As if Alfred can't see the file. Don't worry, will stick to double clicking file on finder to launch. Strange issue.
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