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  1. Forgot to mention that Spotify has removed the notion of 'starred tracks', which is now kind of replaced by Your Music. So the playlist list does not return the starred playlist anymore. All you have to do is to create a new playlist, I called it 'Starred' and copy all your starred tracks in it. And the new version now supports 'Your Music'.
  2. I'm happy to announce version 5.0 which is a huge update ! New features: Using now Spotify WEB API instead of Spotify App APIUsing OAuth 2.0 authenticationControl Your Music, you can choose to control the Alfred Playlist or Your Music nowFeatured Playlists in your country, US and UKUpdate Playlists now also update playlists which have been updated (not only the ones added or removed as before)Reworked biographyMany more improvements The workflow has now its own WIKI page. The workflow now use a different API (Spotify WEB API) which requires an application to be set up (don't worry i
  3. The Spotify API I am currently using has been discontinued by Spotify (see https://developer.spotify.com/technologies/apps/) and the upgrade (per user) has started for a small percentage of users: I will work on moving the workflow to the new API. If you're ones of the unlucky who have received their update meanwhile, let me know.
  4. 4.6: * Fixed broken 'Play Random Track' * Now displaying notification for random track * Add 'Get current track information' keyword 'current' * Add notification for previous and next track Please restart Spotify after installation
  5. 4.4.91: * Fix for artworks being downloaded in online mode (it was a regression)
  6. I made a change in version 4.4.9 where Related Artists is only done for the first 1000 ones, so if your library is very large, other ones will be ignored. Version 4.4.9 is live (http://www.packal.org/workflow/spotify-mini-player), please restart Spotify after installing the workflow
  7. Is it the first time? If so, it downloads every single artwork for every track/artist/album/playlist Next "update library" should be much quicker
  8. Use the "spot_mini_kill_update" command, after that you should be able to see some results when using "spot_mini" Looks like the update library got stuck. It can happen if your library is very large. You can try this version of the workflow (it is without the related artists option) https://cloudup.com/itXjLlUJurV (restart Spotify after installing it). And then Update your library.
  9. Thanks. Don't hesitate to star it on github (https://github.com/vdesabou/alfred-spotify-mini-player) if you like it The cause of this problem is the same as Update Library issue, so version 4.4.8 should fix it. Please install 4.4.8 (and restart Spotify)
  10. I've posted a new version 4.4.8 which should fix the issue: 4.4.8: * Temporarly fixed problem with update library (see https://github.com/vdesabou/alfred-spotify-mini-player/issues/22) Note: Restart Spotify after you have updated the workflow
  11. Hello, Yes I'm aware of this issue (this is tracked here https://github.com/vdesabou/alfred-spotify-mini-player/issues/22). I can reproduce the issue as well. Looks like something changed on Spotify side since I did not change this part of code. I just need to find some time to investigate this...But i will for sure ! I'll keep you posted
  12. 4.4.5: Second attempt to get related artists more reliableImproved performances of Update Library, Update Playlist and Update Playlist List Please restart Spotify after installing this version and call 'Update Library'
  13. 4.4.4: Moved to new Spotify WEB API for online lookupsDisplay release date (and genre if available) of album in online mode
  14. Thanks! At the end of the process, the pdf is opened in Alfred window, so you just need to use "File Action" with Email (refer to "Using File Actions" in here http://support.alfredapp.com/features:file-search)
  15. Please try again, I fixed the download link
  16. 4.4.3: Get related artists is more reliableDisplay "in playlists" for every track
  17. Version 4.41 is live with improvements from 4.4: 4.41: Compliant with latest Spotifious version4.4: Improved performancesNew command to unstar a track Added new command (with external trigger) spot_mini_update_library to update libraryAutomatically update Alfred Playlist after adding track, album or playlistAutomatically update starred playlist after star/unstar trackNew themeShortcuts to Settings/Alfred Playlist/Playlists (need to configure hotkeys) To be downloaded on Packal http://www.packal.org/workflow/spotify-mini-player
  18. Yes i see now: If you delete old version first, it will use spotifious as new one, but if you don't, it will keep old one "spot". I will update to "spotifious"
  19. That's strange because I just re-downloaded Spotifious from Packal and script filter is set to 'spot'. Did you rename it by yourself? For No 1, hold on a few minutes, I'm going to release version 4.4 which fixes the issue
  20. Hi, download it from Packal http://www.packal.org/workflow/spotify-mini-player
  21. I sent you a PM with a link to beta version which should fix this issue
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