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  1. May you point us to one of such existing plugins, I would really appreciate it, thank you
  2. Hi, I am afraid I have the same problem, see the lines from Console: 28/09/14 11:00:21,678 Alfred 2[275]: [TIMER] 89.472811 seconds to initialise Alfred 28/09/14 18:16:19,893 Alfred 2[272]: [TIMER] 71.299102 seconds to initialise Alfred 28/09/14 18:23:22,850 Alfred 2[265]: [TIMER] 64.554266 seconds to initialise Alfred The 2 last lines coming from 2 boots in a row. Is there any update with regards to the thread above? My Login Items list is currently made of iTunesHelper, CleanMyDrive and Alfred2, in this sequence Thank you Gaetano
  3. Hi, I have modified the workflow according to the suggestion by spoterianski, now it should be ok Please let me know in case of any other trouble Gaetano
  4. Well, I can only say a big thank you, spoterianski. I am still trying to reproduce this problem because on my Macbook Air with mavericks it doesn't happen. Your suggestion is really helpful! Have a nice day Gaetano
  5. Dear friends, I tried several times the scenario described above but, honestly, I was unable to reproduce the problem because it works smoothly both on my iMac and on the Macbook Air. I can try to investigate more and come back to you G
  6. Thank you for your alerts, I will check it in short and let you know once I will be back home from work :-)
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, I will give a look to it.
  8. Hi, this is a workflow to activate an existing VPN profile, it allows you to connect and to disconnect (a lot of features!). As usual, the VPN profile has to be available in the current Network Location. If you don't have any VPN connection, I think you should setup one just to try this workflow Here is how it looks like and, as usual, you can download it from here. Have a lot of fun Gaetano
  9. Hi Jack, I may be missing something but I can't make insertion in a specific list work anymore. If I write r tomorrow at 10:00 to test list Backlog shouldn't it insert "test" reminder into the list Backlog? Thanks Gaetano
  10. Hi all, there is a new version of this workflow with the addition of a hotkey triggered scenario (thanks derico for the suggestion) and some code cleanup. I also changed a bit the notification. You can download it from the link above or down here in the signature Have fun!
  11. Sure, it's a very good idea, I will give it a look very soon. Enjoy
  12. Hi Ricco, thanks for the kind comment, if you want me to make changes to the workflow, I will be happy to help. Have a nice day Gaetano
  13. Hi Jack, I surrender in front of risk of boredom! This solution is great, I am just downloading the latest release and I will surely work as "loyal usership" Gaetano
  14. Hi, let me add one more little suggestion: I think it would be useful to force a cache refresh on the "all" option. Have a nice day Gaetano
  15. Hi, my best compliments for this extension, it is great! Let me add one more suggestion, what about creating a reminder from an email? I mean something like r on 12/12/13 12:00 from Mail it would read the currently selected email and create a reminder linked to it. While searching for such feature, I stepped into this page with some useful snippet Thanks Gaetano
  16. Hi, I experience that it is not possible to send some Alfred activating hotkeys to a Screen Sharing session. In details, during a Screen Sharing session, if Ctrl+Space or Opt+Space is chosen as Alfred hotkey both on local and on remote machine, always the local instance of Alfred is opened, even if Screen Sharing window is focused. If the hotkey is Cmd+Space on both the machines, Alfred is opened on the remote machine. This happens with the latest v2 on both sides (but happened also with previous versions) and with the latest Mountain Lion on both as well. Have a nice day Gaetano
  17. Hi all, this is Yet another workflow to rebuild the Open With... menu that gets messed up often when installing application updates. If you experience items duplication in the Open With... menu, this workflow is for you. It looks like this and can be downloaded from this page. Enjoy! Gaetano
  18. Well, could be but I don't think so because the hotkeys correctly activate Alfred when I use the "remote" machine as local. Both Macs are configured with the same hotkeys to activate Alfred.
  19. Hi again, it seems the problem is related to the shortcut itself: now I changed from Ctrl-Space to Cmd-Space and it works fine in Screen Sharing as well. Again, reverting back to Ctrl-Space, the invocation is only local. I tried also from another Mac and shows the same behaviour, there is something wrong with the sequence Ctrl-Space. I made one additional test and noticed that Opt-Space doesn't work either
  20. Hi David, this doesn't work with the native Screen Sharing application. My Alfred shortcut is Ctrl-Space and it is always captured by the local machine. I may try setting Cmd-Space as shortcut but I feel it doesn't depend on this, am I wrong? Gaetano
  21. Hi, I hope I am not asking a stupid question but, may any of you suggest me how to activate Alfred on a remote machine which screen is open in a Screen Sharing (VNC) session? I currently launch it via Spotlight because the hotkey is always captured by the local machine, never by the remote one Thanks Gaetano
  22. Hi all, I know, there is plenty of smart Wi-Fi toggle workflows out there so it's hard to believe we need another. Anyway, this is the one I made by myself, in Perl, adding some bells and whistles like current IPv4/v6 address, MAC address as well as the SSID of the current connection. It looks like this: If you like it you can download it from this page. As usual, any comment is the very welcome Have a nice day Gaetano
  23. Favourite folders is my choice http://www.alfredfor...vorite-folders/
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