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  1. I'm running Alfred 2.2 (243) and when I try to move a file to a location where a file with the same name already exists... nothing happens! Both files remain untouched. Are you planning to fix this sometime Andrew? Thanks
  2. Great workflow! Good job. Just one small side effect (i hope), is that a folder called test was added to my desktop with currency information... any ideas why?
  3. It seems it does not work with Live Messenger friends... Is it possible to make it work with them (since now Skype merged with MSN Live Messenger I still have friends from MSN in my Skype list)? Great job!
  4. Very very strange. Yes, it also happens. Same behavior. But what is strange is that this happens just for the first note you open, after opening Evernote. After opening the first one, the next one's timestamp is not updated. If you restart Evernote the behavior repeats itselft. Very weird... Maybe a bug... Thanks for your answer though
  5. When I open an individual note, the timestamp of the note gets updated. Any clues on how to avoid this?
  6. As I understand, this workflow creates a link to the file instead of a physical copy inside of OmniFocus, right?
  7. Maybe I didn't explain myself very good... What I meant is not to play an artist or album. What is mean is that your search, is filtering also by artist and album name (and not only by song name). So for example when I search for Foo Fighters, it shows me all songs from Foo Fighters (even though they have no "Foo Fighters" in their song name). What I think would be nice is to search *only* the song name for whatever string you put. So if for example, there is no song named Foo Fighters, the previous example would return blank (instead of all songs from the band Foo Fighters). Thanks
  8. When I search for a song, the results are found (and filtered) also by album or artist. Is it possible to separate it? play song "x" - would look for songs named "x" only play artist "y" - would look for artists named "y" only play album "z" - would look for albums named "z" only BTW, the best like you said is to have only songs, but I believe also only to search by the song name. It's a great workflow and very useful. Congrats!
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