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  1. the `mdutil` is disabled after each restart. any idea how to keep it enabled?
  2. Since the last update of google drive it seems that is not working anymore. any idea?
  3. Is it working in big sur? 11.2.3 to me does not work.
  4. So far it's great. one thing would be to add a shortcut to open the file / folder in drive. not sure if it's possible or this works on the files on the HD
  5. Hi all, so far i've used typinator for this, but since i switched to Alfred I found myself a bit lost to acomplish the same goal as before. my problem is that i've many servers that have the same ending, examples test1.my.domain.com test2.my.domain.com i usually setup a rule that is .my.d. -> .my.domain.com but this with alfred works only if the string starts with .my.d. so that test1.my.d. does not transform to the right url. is it feasible?
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