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  1. You also need to replace Alfred-2 with Alfred-3. This is very easy to do if your editor supports multiple file find & replace. This is working for me until people get round to updating.
  2. Thanks for this, I wanted a simple workflow to mark all messages as read in all my folders. This did the job apart from the "junk" folder. I had to add the following line to clear this folder:- set (the read status of every message in junk mailbox whose read status is false) to true
  3. Thank both of you for your replies, pointed me in the right direction. As I am using a python script finished up using Alp. The notification message comes up and then disappears after a few seconds, but the python icon starts bouncing in the dock while the script is running so you can see something is happening.
  4. Has anyone got a way to display a "Please wait" message box while Alfred is away doing some task? I have a workflow which downloads from the internet and takes 10-20 seconds, so after you have selected the Alfred action and Alfred has disappeared, you are left looking at the screen wondering "IS ANYTHING GOING ON". In my script I would like something like this:- ..... DisplayMessage("Please wait") Get the downloads..... CloseMessage() .....
  5. No problem with me. I'll be very interested in what you come up with. I didn't want to mess around with the name in case it did screw things up, I manage to create enough problems without trying. The only other Hazel rule I have for Alfred at the moment is to monitor my downloads folder and get Hazel to open any downloaded workflows with Alfred, then moving the download to trash, giving me a automatic install. You should be able to do these things as well as add the comment name with Automator "Folder Actions", but I find Hazel a lot easier to use and more flexible.
  6. Strictly not a workflow, but using App Hazel to monitor Workflows folder and add the workflow name to the Comments field, making it easy to see in Finder what folder is associated with what workflow. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/100324951/workflows.hazelrules
  7. I set up a simple workflow consisting of a keyword input box feeding into a "Run Script" action box set to osascript. The script inside the box is :- set theResult to do shell script "bash test.sh" set the clipboard to "start " & theResult & " end" Script test.sh is:- echo "TestExternal" When run there is no newline added,as the clipboard contains:- start TestExternal end To test the "internal" echo command, change the "Run Script" action box to bash and change the script to:- echo "TestInternal" Feed the output of this into a "Run Script" output box set to osascript. The script inside this is :- set theResult to"{query}" set the clipboard to "start " & theResult & " end" When this is run a newline is added, shown by the clipboard:- start TestInternal end
  8. The echo command when used in a external bash strip doesn't append a newline. Putting the same script in a Run Script box does append a newline. This can affect how subsequent scripts work. I know that you can use echo -n to remove the newline, once you realise what the problem is, but shouldn't both methods be consistent? Alfred 2.0.2 (178) OS X 10.8.3
  9. Got it working now. Decided to look through all the preferences and clearing the application cache under Advanced fixed it. Thanks for your replies.
  10. I don't want to copy to the clipboard, I was just trying to debug something else I was doing and thought this would help me to see what was happening. I was trying to pass "{query}" to the rightmost script box and it wasn't doing anything. Deleting the line with "{query}" in and the rest of the script runs.
  11. No, the keyword is unique as far as I know and no argument is required. It's so simple that it's got to be either something wrong with my Mac or a funny in Alfred. Just tried changing the osascript box to a /bin/bash box and that doesn't work either!
  12. Hello Benzi, That was very quick. I spent a few hours getting nowhere. I've tried them all now and all work, except for xkcd which Preview doesn't want to display so I've left it as is. Keep learning new things by doing this; didn't know that double-clicking on the qlmanage image opened up in preview as well. I started out by changing the qlmanage -p option to -t to display a thumbnail with the -s and -f switches, which changed the size but wasn't happy. Don't know if using the -t switch has any side effects yet, couldn't find much about it. Thanks again
  13. Hi, I have a simple test workflow consisting of a Keyword box which triggers a /bin/bash Run Script box. The script inside the box is 1 line:- echo "some text" Feeding this into a Post Notification box works as expected, but when I feed it into a /usr/bin/osascript Run Script box which contains the following:- set temp to "{query}" set the clipboard to temp nothing gets written to the clipboard. Changing 'set the clipboard to "more text"' doesn't work either until I delete the first line 'set temp to "{query}"'. Is it a bug?
  14. Hello Benzi, I've been looking there and playing around with adding "return", but nothing seemed to work. Here is a link to my take on your Dilbert workflow which contains the code:- https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100324951/Dilbert.alfredworkflow Preview has to have AppleScript enabled as shown in the link in the readme. Make sure you have a backup of Preview first as I managed to screw mine up at the first attempt when I followed some older instructions, but the instructions on the link work, at least for Mountain Lion. I'm having some other problems when I try to split the Run script into 2 separate scripts for bash and osascript, but I'm going to ask about that in the help forum. If you're fairly new to Python I'm very impressed. Have to spend more tome looking at StackOverflow. Thanks for the tip.
  15. Hello Benzi, Having trouble with seeing these as well as Anthony. I've been playing around with your Dilbert workflow and have managed to modify this to display in Preview using AppleScript to resize and position the window. I would like to do this with Comics workflow as well, but need the full path name of the comic strip file as an output from your /bin/bash Run Script to feed into my osascript. As a complete newcomer to Alfred, Python, et al, I'm a bit stuck on how to do this. Could you give me any pointers? Thanks for all your work on this and your other workflows.
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