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  1. Thanks @vitor, I got it working based on the screenshots. It's a nice solution, even if a bit hacky as you said in the other thread. Thanks as well @GuiB, your workflow works similarly. I see an almost imperceptible delay between these and the regular Alfred reveal, but they are good enough for now. @vitor, you're right that it's about maximizing the empty box. While the time would be useful to me (because I'd like to hide my menu), it's easy to imagine other uses; weather, battery, a timer, etc. It's a way to get some kind of immediate information without any extra work (and without installing and learning anything else).
  2. Thanks, but the links to the workflow and examples are all dead. Hopefully this would be useful enough to others that it makes it into the product.
  3. I think the empty search box is a lost opportunity. I'd like an option to show the time & date in the background of the search box until I start typing. Something like this: You could choose the format of the date, or turn on/off/reorder units. Something like the functionality in iStat Menus would be great. I like to set the menu bar to "automatically hide and show," but the one thing that I miss is being able to see the time without using my mouse or a slightly awkward key combo (^F2 with function lock) to show the menu. If I could hit the Alfred hotkey and instantly see the time (without typing / using a workflow), that would be quite useful to me. Anyone else?
  4. This is above my pay grade, but perhaps checking the confirm checkboxes for restart & shutdown could force Alfred to open the native OSX confirmation prompts which include the "reopen windows..." option, instead of Alfred's own confirmation prompts.
  5. Awesome. But I'm here to beg for more. All the options here would be nice: titlecase.com Camel, Pascal, Hyphen, and Snake would be great additions for coders, camelCase being the reason I searched for a workflow.
  6. Now that I'm thinking of these hotkeys and arrow keys, arrow up and arrow down for thumbs up and thumbs down would by nice too.
  7. If it takes a half second to load before any controls are available, I guess I'll just have to live with it (sarcasm, great work thus far). It would just be nice to hit the hotkey to bring it up, and then immediately hit Enter to toggle play/pause, rather than visually watching and waiting for the menu to appear. Now that I look at it, I think you have the play/pause icons reversed. Play and pause icons usually represent what you want to happen after selected, not the current state of the player. "n" and "p" controls are a good addition. As for separate hotkeys, you mean something like shift+command+return (or whatever user choice) could bypass the menu and directly toggle play/pause? Shift+command+right arrow for next, left arrow for previous. That sounds pretty cool. I think I'd lean toward this.
  8. 90% of the time I'm using this to toggle play/pause, but it appears this option is only available after the (now quicker) api load. Could that functionality be immediately available? Could it communicate directly to the Spotify app, or does it rely on the api?
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