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  1. I have this same problem, but with other workflows as well. It happens when I try to update my workflows with alleyoop and also when I try to switch audio outputs using Sampayo's "Audio Switch" workflow.
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone could help me write a workflow for changing the sound output in the preference pane using Alfred. I have a setup where I often switch between output through my headphones and output through Soundflower, and opening up the pref pane and changing it manually is a hassle after a while. I don't know any Applescript but if someone could point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Works for me! 10.8.3 and f.lux version 21.0
  4. When I try to update using Alleyoop, it downloads version 4.0 instead of 4.5. In the Alleyoop dropdown, it says: Evernote 4.0 v. 4.5—Direct paste and hotkeys for searching Even though it says v. 4.5, it downloads 4.0. Upon rerunning oop, the same update shows up. Does anyone know how to fix this (bar manually)?
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