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  1. Are you receiving an error message? Does iTunes successfully pair? How far are you getting?
  2. Hey everyone! I've finally gotten around to updating this workflow. See the original post (which I've updated) or go straight to the README on Github for download links.
  3. I think it's unlikely that this workflow was the cause. It doesn't touch the filesystem, it simply duplicates the functionality of the iOS Remote app.
  4. This workflow was written for Ruby 1.9.3 which was the default in Mountain Lion. In Mavericks, Ruby 2.0 is now the default. The workflow needs to be updated to support Ruby 2.0. I don't really have the time to do this myself, but I'd be happy to accept a pull request on Github.
  5. For the people that are having trouble pairing, I have two questions: Is iTunes running when you try to pair? (it should be) Do you have sharing enabled in iTunes?
  6. Yeah, from the workflow directory. Is iTunes open when you're doing this?
  7. Turns out Alfred does not support escaping single quotes. So, until they fix that, you can't search for songs with a single quote in the title.
  8. Try this, Open Alfred's preferences and go to the Workflows pane Right click on the Up Next workflow and then click "Show in Finder" Open Terminal in /Applications/Utilities In Terminal, type "cd " (note the space at the end) and then drag the little blue folder icon from the top on the finder window into the terminal window and hit enter Now in Terminal, type "ruby pair.rb " followed by a 4-digit number pin and hit enter Paste the results here I'll look into this right away!
  9. TingTingBen, Do you see the following screenshot during the pairing process? If you do see something similar to this, hit enter then switch to iTunes to finish pairing.
  10. Hi all, I've been getting lots of requests to update this workflow to make it compatible with Ruby >=2.0 which is what's been shipping with the past couple releases of macOS. Well, I took some time this week to finally do it and also added a few new features. Results will now show their album art, and the pairing process has been improved. You can also now search by artist name and album title. I've also renamed the workflow to iTunes DJ (reminiscent of the original queuing feature in iTunes). See the README on Github for more info and download links.
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