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  1. i also noticed that on line 406 of asana.php you can change the delimiter between commands from the default "::" (so i set mine to be "/" that way its faster to enter it)
  2. Sweet! the new version works great! Is there a way to over ride what project task goes into using an option? Or do i have to switch it every time? Maybe when i type aproject and press another key (command, right arrow etc) then the task will go into that project? Thanks a lot for working on this! Honestly your extension is the only reason i am still with asana since i can't stand using web interface to quickly create tasks.
  3. you workflow works great! For some reason i always get "error: invalid entry..." when i try to assign task to another user. Also any idea if there are any plans to have it show the list of outstanding tasks? then maybe command + enter checks it complete .. that would be super awesome
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