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  1. thanks @vitor the author actually fixed the workflow a few hours ago!
  2. Would be amazing if this can be translated https://github.com/gillibrand/alfred-change-case
  3. Ah yes, its working now @deanishe . Btw @Rohit I was able to get this all to work with Shortcuts workflow that I found here: https://github.com/lukdiekm/alfred-shortcuts/releases/tag/v0.3.1 Then you can just run the low power mode shortcuts using Alfred
  4. Thanks for the heads up @deanishe I didnt think about the sudo part in the workflow, hope there is still a way to build it. I assumed because Alfred has scripting permissions it would also apply to this workflow. What about having Alfred run the above shortcuts? btw I added pmset file with skynet ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/pmset (skynet is my actual username into /etc/sudoers.d/ using visudo like you suggested, but I still get "'pmset' must be run as root..." when I try to run pmset, do I need to do something else?
  5. Thanks for the update @deanishe I didn't know that M1 and Intel uses different path. I think just having a little better documentation in the repo or as a tooltip, could fix majority of the issues and you only have to do it once. Like the tooltip can say "For M1 the path is usually X and for Intel it's .." or since users have to install LastPass-cli in terminal anyway you can have a step in the doc for them to run a brew info command to get the correct path. Also maybe have a FAQ section on GitHub that mentions things like setting up Logout timeout etc or point to where Lastpass-cli has those options. I for example thought the workflow was broken since it lastpass-cli was logging me out after about an hour As for the icons maybe there is a way to do it dynamically? I have probably 2k passwords in my LastPass but I probably use the same 3% of them on daily basis. So maybe when a pass is looked up, and after the result is copied to clipboard the batch of icons that where in the results are fetched? That way next time you look up that pass the icons are already there... ... and eventually you will have majority of your icons Or maybe there is just another command to fetch all icons at once? Or maybe the icons can be just reused from the browser extension? Or maybe the app comes with the common domain icons already? Like google, amazon etc.. as some icons are better then no icons ..
  6. There is a shortcut for this On Reddit : Looks like it just uses simple terminal commands: Get current state: sudo pmset -g | grep lowpowermode to turn it on sudo pmset -a lowpowermode 1 and off sudo pmset -a lowpowermode 0 so implementation into workflow should be easy I just never made one.
  7. @deanishe thank you!! I updated the path to /opt/homebrew/bin/lpass I was dreading the day I had to update the LastPass-cli and it breaking everything. So would adding that export path in the script should remove the need to have that configuration all together? Maybe the author can update the plugin to support universal path in the future
  8. One more vote for this There is probably a way to do this using the new Shortcuts feature
  9. Great plugin! Suggestion: would be awesome to have each sites Fav icon show up instead of last pass icon for results Just an FYI if you are installing it on Mac OS Monterey the path is now different for brew installs. Maybe this can be added to main thread :) run this to get the actual install path brew info lastpass-cli then add /bin/lpass at the end (or navigate tot that folder and look inside until you find lpass), for me it was: /opt/homebrew/Cellar/lastpass-cli/1.3.3_1/bin/lpass So you have to add that path into lpath command (the default preset example incorrectly shows path to a folder not an actual file) Would be nice if there was an error message notification saying path is incorrect as I had to use the debug to figure out all of the above.
  10. i also noticed that on line 406 of asana.php you can change the delimiter between commands from the default "::" (so i set mine to be "/" that way its faster to enter it)
  11. Sweet! the new version works great! Is there a way to over ride what project task goes into using an option? Or do i have to switch it every time? Maybe when i type aproject and press another key (command, right arrow etc) then the task will go into that project? Thanks a lot for working on this! Honestly your extension is the only reason i am still with asana since i can't stand using web interface to quickly create tasks.
  12. you workflow works great! For some reason i always get "error: invalid entry..." when i try to assign task to another user. Also any idea if there are any plans to have it show the list of outstanding tasks? then maybe command + enter checks it complete .. that would be super awesome
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