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  1. Hi @romebot! It's been a while since I've done anything to this workflow, but the issue should now be fixed with the new release on github. Thanks!
  2. Big thanks to @vitor for his help in enhancing this workflow. He's added the OMDb API key as a workflow environment variable as well as implemented OneUpdater (auto-updates).
  3. I am on Alfred 3, but haven't updated this workflow in ages. A pull request would be awesome. I'm not a GitHub expert, so bear with me.
  4. Nice! Back in business. I've updated Packal and GitHub with a new version that has a free OMDb API key. Because it only allows 1,000 hits per day, you may want to use your own key... To do so, edit line 103 in the "media.py" file in the workflow. If I continue to update this workflow (or we see the limit being hit), I'll make changing the API key more user-friendly. But for now, we'll see how this free API key goes.
  5. Ahh... It's too bad the OMDb API had to end its public API. I will edit the main post to describe why this workflow no longer functions. Forum admins, please feel free to do what you'd like with this thread.
  6. Looks like the OMDb API is needing to change some things around and maybe even lose some Rotten Tomatoes info. The current spot in the API results that the RT score is retrieved now returns "N/A". The workflow code is setup to handle this scenario which is why the "Search" item in the workflow is still shown. I've done some work to retrieve the RT score from the new place in the API. It's updated in Packal and Github. Let me know if it works!
  7. Looks like the issues with the OMDb API are resolved. The workflow should work smoothly once again.
  8. Hi Guys, Thanks for reporting the issue and glad you have been finding this workflow useful. It looks like something is going on at OMDb. This is the API that the workflow uses to get IMDb, metacritic, rotten tomatoes ratings. I'll keep my eye on OMDb. Hopefully it'll come back online and the workflow will start working again. If it becomes a permanent issue, I can look into alternatives.
  9. Cool workflow. Thanks for sharing! Mine wasn't in there either - MacBookAir6,2.
  10. I found a few minutes and was able to implement your suggestion, mnisbet. The update is available through Packal. Thanks for the suggestion!
  11. Looks like this should be doable as the data is included in the OMDb API. Unsure when I'll be able to get around to implementing it though. If you don't want to wait for me, you could always try tinkering with the code .
  12. Hi mnisbet. Thanks for the suggestion. I've made the change. You can get the new version through Packal. Have a good weekend!
  13. Just want to say thanks for this awesome workflow! I was trying to edit the anniversaries list and couldn't get it to work. I did some digging and found a few bugs in code with passing the date format in set_anniversary.py (calls to convert_date_time()) and macros_parser.py (call to super constructor). The methods do not accept the date format parameter as it is retrieved from the settings parameter. For example (line 21 in set_anniversary.py): date_time, output_format = convert_date_time(command.dateTime, date_mapping['date-format'], wf.settings) date_mapping['date-format'] should be r
  14. Hey mikedvzo. This workflow uses the OMDb API to get the ratings. As the OMDb isn't affiliated with IMDb/RT/Metacritic, the scores might not be accurate. Not exactly sure how /when the OMDb API updates the scores in its database, but I would think that eventually the movies will get corrected.
  15. Excellent. Glad you got it sorted out!
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