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  1. Is there a way to change the Downloads path in this workflow? I moved (for better or worse) my Downloads folder to my Desktop so it would sync with iCloud Drive
  2. Thanks, vitor, I did search but I didn't find that discussion
  3. Doing some Alfred + Keyboard Maestro combo automations and it would be nice to know if Alfred has been invoked when I've hidden its Dock icon. Does Alfred write to some file somewhere saying it's currently open and then write again to that file when it's been dismissed? If not, then this would be a feature request. Thanks! Aaron
  4. Thanks Vitor, here are the links below. In my case I want to share the dropbox links to myself so I can put them in cells in Google Sheets http://www.packal.org/workflow/copy-dropbox-link
  5. Anyone got a working Dropbox link workflow? The one I've been using has broken and all the others seem broken. But this seems like a thing most Alfred users would use all the time and I don't see any posts about it here, so maybe it's just me? This is the workflow I had been using https://ryanmo.co/2017/05/16/create-dropbox-links-from-alfred/ Now I get the error "No module named idna" ... I tried manually installing idna but that doesn't help. Ryan, the author, doesn't post his contact info on his blog so I'm not sure how to contact him. Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. Anyone else having trouble with the Find Folder workflow? I just noticed it wasn't working. It's so simple it makes me think it's an Alfred bug? Tried restarting Alfred, changing the keyword to something else and then back to "f"... and deleting the "public.folder" type and re-adding a folder to it. Nothing works. I also tried another workflow with the same functionality "Simple Folders Filter" Nada I'm on macOS 10.14.4 and Alfred 4.04
  7. Ideally Alfred would work just like LauchBar and let me copy multiple contact fields. I work in an industry where I have to share contact info all the time as plain text and LaunchBar is the only app I've found that can do what I want. I'm trying to create a workflow that's attached to the Custom Action of the Name field. I select the name and hit Enter and the script will use the name to search my contacts and copy all the fields to the clipboard as plain text. I have very little knowledge of how to do this so I got stuck very quick. There's an action in Automator to do this but you need to pass it the actual ID of the contact which I have no idea how to get. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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