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PDF Actions (so far only splitting double pages)

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PDF Split (File Action)

Split a two-page scanned PDF into two separate pages. Accepts multiple files.

When used on a file original.pdf, it creates original-split.pdf in the same location.




All the action is in splitPDF.py which is a very slightly tweaked version of a script by Hanspeter Schmid posted here.

Built with PyPDF2.


Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ablkq7p94dxnn5l/PDF Actions.alfredworkflow?dl=1


Not as versatile as Skimmer : PDF actions for Skim was, but working and hopefully more future-proof.

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@dfay & @xilopaint – Have been using this workflow a lot. Recently moved to Big Sur (11.2.3) and notice that the workflow omits alternative pages and doubles the one not omitted on the most recent version of macOS. Any idea if and how this can be fixed? Thanks for both of your work and generosity.


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I get this issue occasionally but I don't think it's actually related to Big Sur.  I just ran it on an old scanned book & it came out fine.  But then when I ran the resulting PDF through OCRKit it was doubled up as you describe.  Switching the sequence (OCRKit 1st then split) worked.

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