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PDF Actions (so far only splitting double pages)

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PDF Split (File Action)

Split a two-page scanned PDF into two separate pages. Accepts multiple files.

When used on a file original.pdf, it creates original-split.pdf in the same location.




All the action is in splitPDF.py which is a very slightly tweaked version of a script by Hanspeter Schmid posted here.

Built with PyPDF2.


Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ablkq7p94dxnn5l/PDF Actions.alfredworkflow?dl=1


Not as versatile as Skimmer : PDF actions for Skim was, but working and hopefully more future-proof.

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9 hours ago, dfay said:

Feel free to add it to your much more comprehensive workflow!


Thank you! I will surely take a look on it on the next days.

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