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How about building an "app store" for workflows ?

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workflows can add really fantastic functions for Alfred, but as most workflows are just created and shared by individual user instead of professional developers, we have to search and download workflows from blogs , forums and github . Searching and updating workflows is way too cumbersome for users who love productivity as of Alfred. So Why not build a workflow store where we can search and update workflows just by typing  wf {query} and wf update  I don't know if selling workflows is a good idea, but sharing them in this way is definitely a good one.


Is there anyone agree with me ?

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Hey Guys,


There are a few popping up here and there. I imagine that most will go the way of AlfPT due to cost of hosting and bandwidth. I therefore see one way around this.


Workflows could/should be hosted on GitHub under 1 repo, the site would serve as a central hub, with description, screenshot, user ratings and such. Actual download and install would be via Github, thus lessoning the bandwidth.

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@Pedro — I believe that's what Olivier is doing (see link above: http://www.alfredforum.com/topic/829-apm-alfred-package-manager-need-testers/#entry4020) with his repo, and I think that he is setting up a website on top of the github page as well. But, we have to wait and see the details.


All — Olivier seems fairly far into creating his repo (app store / extension page / macupdate page, etc...), so let's wait and see what all he has come up with before we all try to re-invent to wheel.


Some workflows will be highlighted on the actual Alfred Site, but they don't want to have all of them hosted there because it would appear as though the Alfred folks have stamped all of them, and some workflows could be poorly designed and they could also include a bit of malware, and so any user populated repo needs to have some divorce from the official Alfred website.



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