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Excel formulas

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On 13/07/2017 at 6:57 PM, iJemz said:

Any ideas on how to create a hotkey that creates a SUM formula using the selected cells?


10 minutes ago, GuiB said:

CMD + SHIFT + T  ?? There's already a keyboard shortcut for that in Excel if I clearly understand you question...


So what are you asking, exactly? You want to setup a shortcut in Alfred that’ll do a shortcut in Excel? That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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Sorry, I may have misled you.

It's more like I'm trying to do it on Google Sheets (I guess I said Excel because old habits die hard).


I'm just wondering if there was a way with alfred to look at the selected cells in Google sheets and wrap that into a formula.


I guess it's hard for Alfred to know what cells are actually selected.



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What I said about Excel applies to every single application.


Alfred is a launcher, not an automation application. Step one is to find out if/how you can do that at all with the application. Once you have a script that does what you need, Alfred can launch it.


As such, you should ask on a Google forum how to automate Google Sheets.


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There's no direct shortcut, but a workaround would be to use the Help Search fonction in the menu... Select the cells that you want to sum then press "Option+/" to access the Help Search menu and type "sum" and the focus would be on the "INSERT FUNCTION: SUM" function. Just press Enter and you are set.


This also has the benefit to easily access any menu item by name and working in other Google applications like Docs and Slides

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That can be automated by simulating typing with AppleScript. This script should do the trick:

tell application "System Events"
	key code 44 using option down -- OPT+/
	delay 0.5
	keystroke "sum"
	delay 0.5
	key code 36 -- Enter
end tell

Simulating keypresses, especially like this, is a last resort, however, as it just fires key events at the application without any idea if they're working.


You may need to increase the delays if your machine is slower (or reduce them if it's super-fast).


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5 hours ago, FroZen_X said:

<.< >.> i sniff some Keyboard Maestro here....


Probably what I'd use, as I already own it.


There's no great advantage, though: you're still blindly just firing off key events in the hope that they work.


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