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Transmit 5 workflow?

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There are at least three different Transmission Workflows. Please ask in their threads.


OP was asking about Transmit, not Transmission :)


Transmit 5 is a complete rewrite of the original app and the old Transmit 4 workflows no longer work. Panic (the app author) has released a new service called Panic Sync. I believe a new workflow would need to interface with this service if an API is made available. I've reached out to their Team a few days ago but have not heard back. I'll post back if I hear anything.


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19 minutes ago, casey said:

OP was asking about Transmit, not Transmission :)


That was a typo, naturally, since I proceeded to link to Transmit Workflows. Thank you for the note. Fixed.


20 minutes ago, casey said:

Transmit 5 is a complete rewrite of the original app and the old Transmit 4 workflows no longer work.


Nevertheless, the people that already made v4 Workflows are the best to do v5 Workflows.

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3 hours ago, casey said:

workflow would need to interface with this service if an API is made available


I very much doubt an API will be made available. 


The data stored on the server are encrypted. They're encrypted on your machine before upload, and the service can't access them. 


That might change, as one of the deeply stupid things Panic did when making Panic sync was to derive the encryption key from your sync account password, so it's possible to build an API.


Indeed, in face of the sheer amount of stupidity that went into designing Panic Sync, it's perfectly possible they'll implement decryption-on-the-server and add an API.

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This sucks as it was my most used workflow. There is an option which can export your Favorites under Servers > Export. This prompts for a save location and outputs JSON array with arbitrarily named keys. I tried (with no success) to come up with a manual/local solution so I'm rolling back to v4 for until this is addressed.

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I was one of my most used Workflows as well. After trying to fix the issue and updating to the latest version (currently 5.0.4) and looking into the code of all the workflows, the real solution lies into updating manually the favorites. I tried editing any field, but only the "name" field of the ftp favorite worked for me. 


Kudos to willco007 on Twitter for the tips. (see thread here).


Edit: Exporting / re-importing favourites work as well.

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I never had a chance to use any of the Transmit 4 workflows, so am not sure features it may have had....but couldn't you pretty easily open your favorites by saving them (individually) as .droplets (Right click favorite in Transmit ---> Save as Droplet) and create a workflow that opens the droplet with a keyword? I only have a few favorites so it's pretty manageable for me,  and you can set it to perform additional actions (I have "seedbox" set to open Transmit to my server and Chrome to my remote torrent client).

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I re-created the Transmit 4 workflow in Transmit 5 using a technique similar to something mentioned in a previous comment. I created droplets for each of my many servers, and put them all in a single folder tucked away inside my documents folder (although I suppose they could be put on Dropbox to sync across multiple machines). I then renamed each droplet as "ftp " plus the name of the server (i.e., "ftp awesomeserver", etc.). Then, when I invoked Alfred, all I have to do is type "ftp" (like I always did with the Transmit 4 workflow), and all of my droplets pop up. As I continue to type, I can easily narrow down the choice. In essence, it feels exactly the same as the old Transmit 4 workflow. Not perfect, but it works for me!





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