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Adding Mac OS X selection to a text file.

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I am trying to create a workflow that would append some text content I select on Google Chrome. 


Here are the steps:


I select some content on a website (no copy to the clipboard, just a selection)

I hit a keyboard shortcut 

Alfred runs a command that would add the selected text in a specific file.


I created a workflow with a "hotkey" and a "run script" actions. 







It is not working the way I want as every time I use workflow it appends the selection and the command (.i.e: "echo "{query}" >> ~User/Downloads/test.txttextselectedongooglechrome")




I guess I have missed something in the  "run script" action as I do not really understand the difference between "input as argv" and "input as query".


Thank you.

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This is not the right forum: this post belongs in the "Workflow Help & Questions" forum.


Furthermore, you haven't followed the instructions on reporting problems. Specifically:



If you're having a problem with a workflow you're writing, post the actual, non-working workflow. Upload it somewhere (Dropbox?) and post a link.


Screenshots and code snippets are not enough.


You wouldn't expect your mechanic to diagnose your engine trouble from a couple of photos of your car, so why do you expect us to do that for your workflow?


Unless you've done something really obviously dumb, we can't help you.


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@deanishe You are absolutely right. When I saw "Discussion and help" I thought there can't be a forum for help only for workflows. I clicked to fast. My bad.


@vitor Thank you. This is exactly what I wanted to build. I didn't know the "append to file" action existed. I tried to modify my workflow to make it exactly look like yours. For weird reasons, I had ""echo "{query}" >> ~User/Downloads/test.txt" being appended every time I hit the keyboard shortcut. Like if it was cached somewhere in the workflow. I recreated the workflow from scratch and now everything is working as I want to. :)

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