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Built-in smart workflow commands glossary


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Maybe I missed something, but here is what I would love to see.



As I have several workflows installed, it gets more and more difficult to master them all. I simply do not remember all the possibilities offered by each of them. I always feel like I am missing lots of useful features.


Suggested solution

I believe it would be nice if Alfred could auto-build up a help feature for those workflows that I have customized and installed.


How ?

I'm thinking about typing a keyword like "workflows" in order to get a list of all the workflows that I have installed.

When selecting one (eg. workflows >  Advanced Google Maps Search ), I would have a condensed help section  with all commands available

(eg. keyword one=> description of the feature, keyword two=> description of the feature, keyword three => description of the feature etc...)

Ideally, it would be smart enough to understand when I changed a default keyword to a custom one



I am not a developer but this probably implies that workflow authors agree on a specific document that Alfred would automatically retrieve whenever the user types the initial keyword (workflows)


Now maybe there is a workflow to master all other workflows like that. I don't know. If I missed something, let me know

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Yeh, those solutions are good, but a bit confusing.

I think adding an extra layer showing up installed workflows would be a bit clearer.

Anyways, I think I should get into developing workflows myself some days :)

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47 minutes ago, Gee said:

Anyways, I think I should get into developing workflows myself some days


You should. It is really fun and awesome to use after. ? 


I wrote an article on how to make workflows in Go using a pretty awesome AwGo library. Here is the article. Maybe it gives some inspiration.

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