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Minor GUI tweak for Snippets category

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This is very minor, but also maybe very easy to adjust? In the Snippets section, can the ‘add’ and ‘remove’ buttons be oriented with the left side of their respective fields? It’s silly, but I click 'add collection’ all the time meaning to click ‘add snippet’ because it’s visually near to the field, and since we read left to right, I think orienting the GUI that way improves the flow. Plus, if they were both oriented to the left it would be less distance to travel between mouse clicks; microseconds in efficiency!

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Using cmd+n on that page to add a new snippet is quicker!


Also, fwiw, all +/- buttons are at the bottom right of their respective table/list throughout Alfred's preferences. I've tried to keep this consistent, and also added keyboard shortcuts in as many places as feasible.

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