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More flexible, bigger area for displaying workflow feedback/data

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In file navigation, a preview/info panel is provided to give you a better idea about the selected file. It would be really cool to have a similar method for displaying workflow output.

For example, a weather workflow could display a downloaded radar image in that space. A Wolfram|Alpha workflow could display images or text returned from the API. Even the native 'define' function would be more useful, as you wouldn't have to open Dictionary.app to see the entire definition.

Thanks :)

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I agree with this suggestion and would also like to see a larger window for text entry, perhaps with text wrap and persistence. There are many workflows that allow a note to be created in apps like Evernote or NVAlt. A larger window with text wrap would allow for easier note creation and persistence would allow one to go to another window, to perhaps clip a URL, without loosing the note.


I am loving Alfred and appreciate all those creating such amazing Workflows.



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