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Alfred AirPlay / AirPlay Spreader

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Btw, do you have any AirPlay servers available? If none is found, the previous version of the Workflow would tell you to turn AirPlay off. The new version doesn't. That might be why you don't see anything. I'll see about adding a message if no server is found.

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I can confirm that when no AirPlay server is found, there is no message (anymore). I'll try to find a way to change that. If no AirPlay server is found, you should get something like "Queuing argument '(null)'" in the log. What about once you turn the AirPlay servers ON. Still not working?

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There's a bug on Packal. When it uploads my workflow it replaces the spaces with underscores, but on GitHub it processes the workflow with a dot. I've updated the package name for Packal now but that might still break in the future.

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