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Workflow requests : "Gmail contacts search" ...urgent !!

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Please somebody HELP !!


I desperately need these workflows and I can't find them anywhere :


  1. A workflow to search my GMAIL CONTACTS (yeah so it opens online) 
  2. A workflow to search Mac OSX NOTES
  3. A workflow to search my online Google DRIVE


I am no good at scripting anything other than a sheetmusic, so pleasssse I need your help, oh great great alfred gurus  :P




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Someone's already made a Pocket workflow, but it requires the Pocket app to be installed, and it opens the app if it wasn't already running. Not the most ideal solution, but a workflow using the Pocket APIs would take a bit of work (AFAIK, the developer would need to run a web server to get it working with OAuth).



Yeah I did try that one but the url is not showing in my app !?!


It could be accomplished if they just used some kind of intermediate site for the authentication, similar to what I do with AlfredTweet.

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