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  1. cool Bill....but hmm a download link would be wayyyy more practical just saying....
  2. I know, strange isn't it.... I had all of them set-up : icloud, google and on my mac I got tired of not making it work, so I switched back to Notational Velocity and deleted NOTES entirely for now. I was thinking of doing a clean reinstall of the notes app with only icloud as a backup source. But it turns out that to reinstall notes I have to contact Apple....it's quite complicated it seems to reinstall a basic app, you cant just reinstall from app store. I just haven't gotten around to it. I'll let you know if the reinstall fixes things.... when I get around to calling apple Thanks !!
  3. BabaOo

    Soba - BabaOo

    Soba theme download here ! Looks like this :
  4. Ok I've noticed a lot of people are using droplr on this forum and it seems to work fine so here is the droplr link for this theme : washed out city http://d.pr/f/KHKS
  5. Here is my latest : Elephant in the room Download here
  6. Did you click on the link ? ( Here is the link ! ). and on droplr its http://d.pr/f/KHKS It links back to a dropbox file called : "Washed out city.alfredappearance" Once you've downloaded the file, you click on it and it installs itself in Alfred V2. This is where the link points ...what you should see : I don't understand exactly why you would get a txt file....
  7. Here is the link ! What it looks like :
  8. I was waiting for this workflow...I need this workflow...but yours is not working or I should say it's not working on my computer, and I do not know why. I mean all the commands and prompt are working and showing, but the notes do not actually appear in the app !?!?! help ps: they do not show anywhere, not in icloud notes, not in google notes, and not "on my mac" notes...no matter which one I choose
  9. You created something "I" didn't even know I needed...but I do, I sooooooo much do, I would kiss your feet (well... not really but you get the idea) Thank you thank you thank you keep on workflowing
  10. workin' now Thanks very cool workflow as I have friends all over this planet !!!
  11. OMG LOL BUSTED !!! Are you serious (I can't stop laughing) Ok thanks here I go .......I have to say though : I am willing to learn ...
  12. I did everything mentioned here successfully : 'timein setup' and updated time.py to include my WolframAlpha AppID (where I registered) In terminal I ran the : sudo easy_install wolframalpha I then get a warning message (Improper use of the sudo command lead to data loss bla bla bla ) and then it asks for my password, which I can't put in, because the keyboard stops functioning ?!?! Maybe thats what I'm not doing right ??? Help
  13. Yeah I did try that one but the url is not showing in my app !?!
  14. Please somebody HELP !! I desperately need these workflows and I can't find them anywhere : A workflow to search my GMAIL CONTACTS (yeah so it opens online) A workflow to search Mac OSX NOTES A workflow to search my online Google DRIVE I am no good at scripting anything other than a sheetmusic, so pleasssse I need your help, oh great great alfred gurus BabaOo
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