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Reveal folder in finder - select folder


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Since recently after I select "Reveal in Finder" option on a folder, the Finder opens the parent folder, but does not select the target folder.

So, if I am searching for `TARGET` folder and it is located in `/Users/myself/somefolder/TARGET/` then it will open `somefolder`, but `TARGET` will not be selected.


As opposed to Spotlight, which opens the `somefolder` AND selects the `TARGET` folder.


How to reproduce:

  1. Open Alfred
  2. press space to search for files/folders
  3. find a folder
  4. press CMD+Enter
  5. The target folder is not selected


Repeat the same with files - they will be selected.

Repeat the same with Spotlight - the folder will be selected


Really nasty bug that slow me down. I would appreciate any advice.

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By all appearances, it’s a Catalina bug: "Reveal in Finder" doesn’t work correctly with any application.


It also doesn’t work in Spotlight: If you press ⌘↩ on a result (which is "Reveal in Finder"), the folder also isn’t selected. It works if you just press because that’s "Open in Finder".


1 hour ago, Versus said:

I would appreciate any advice.


Press instead of ⌘↩.


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