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Tower Repositories (v1.0)

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- v2.2 (August 14, 2014)

  - Added support for modifier keys

    - Browse in Alfred (cmd)

    - Reveal in Finder (shift)

    - Open in Terminal (alt)

    - Copy to Clipboard (fn)

  - Mountain Lion support dropped



  - Add support for opening in external editor


This workflow has also been added to Packal: http://www.packal.org/workflow/tower-repositories

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Nothing was really gained by switching (though it might be slightly faster). The Alfred helper library I was using had bugs I didn't want to deal with anymore.


shame  :(

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I found a bug, I think. I had all my Tower projects in the ~/Sites folder, which I recently decided to change to ~/Code and reorganize. All the Tower bookmarks have been updated, but the Tower search workflow still looks for them in their previous location, so I can't use it. Is there a way to clear the cache?

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The workflow doesn't do any caching, it reads from ~/Library/Application Support/com.fournova.Tower2/bookmarks.plist everytime. Can you check to make sure that plist has updated itself with the new project locations? I've had issues with the plist not updating in the past.

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I can't remember what caused it to update the last time I had that issue. I would quitting the app, delete the plist (your bookmarks are safe, the plist is just a backup), then restart the app.

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Really like your workflow! Thanks! :)


One questen: would it be possible to open repostieres allwys in the same window, so I don't end up with several windwos of Tower?

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