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Shortcut keys for the debug area in workflows


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It would be nice to have a few shortcuts for the debugging in the Workflow. Notably to expose the debugging panel as well as to clear the output.

As I use VSCode all the time and my memory muscle always wants to use cmd J to toggle hide and show the debug area and cmd K to clear the output screen.

I figure a lot of people would do the same thing

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8 hours ago, Phuket2 said:

Notably to expose the debugging


Yeah, this would be handy. The new ? search is fantastic for going straight to a workflow in Alfred Preferences, but 90% of the time when I do that, the next thing I do is open the debugger, and it’s mildly irritating to not be able to do that via the keyboard.


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⌘D will toggle the debug area (there is a tooltip for this on the debug button).


There isn't a shortcut for clearing it, but you can configure one of the debug objects to clear the output at the start, or anywhere in the workflow.

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