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How do I filter based on the presence of a {query}?

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@JolinM You could just do "If query is equal to [blank], take the first path, else (when there is a query) do the "else" action". Sounds like it should do what you want?


Or I may have misunderstood your question, in which case, please provide more details :) 



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17 minutes ago, JolinM said:

I thought "." was a wildcard in GREP 🤔.


If you mean in regular expressions, yes it is. But if you're trying to match a regular expression, you need to set it to "matches regex", not "is less than".


17 minutes ago, JolinM said:

I actually want to filter based on the presence of absence of a query. My keyword has «Argument optional».


Then use "is equal to" or "is not equal to" and leave the box empty.


FWIW, the correct regular expression for this case would be .+ (i.e. one or more characters). If you just use . that means “one, and only one, character”


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