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Google Drive Search (via Google Drive File Stream)

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This workflow searches Google Drive via the Google Drive File Stream app. Currently, Spotlight is the main method for searching but is unreliable. (It would be great to get some feedback on why this is.) As a backup, the user has the option to use a file index created by an included Ruby script to search - this is more reliable but also much slower. Feedback is welcome!



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So far it's great.

one thing would be to add a shortcut to open the file / folder in drive. not sure if it's possible or this works on the files on the HD

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Thanks! Glad it's working for you.


To open files in Google Drive:

  • Google Doc extensions (.gdoc, .gsheet, etc.) should open in Google Drive automatically, as long as they're set to open with the Google Drive File Stream app (which they should be by default - it may also be called just "Google Drive" depending on the version you have).
  • Other files can be set to open in Google Drive by setting each file type to automatically open in "openInGoogleDrive.app", which is included in my Alfred workflow. In Alfred, right-click the workflow and then pick "Open in Finder" to see its location. Then for each file type that you want to open in Google Drive, set openInGoogleDrive.app as the default (detailed instructions at https://www.imore.com/how-set-mac-app-default-when-opening-file#file). Note that this is basically just a quick way of right-clicking the file and selecting "Open with Google Drive" - it's not the fastest or most elegant solution, but it's the only one I see available right now for non-Google file types.

Also FYI, at least on my end, Spotlight indexing is working very reliably after recent updates to Google Drive File Stream, so I don't even really need the Ruby backup anymore.

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