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Slack set status

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Slack set status

This workflow allow you to set various status, DND, and to close/reopen slack app from Alfred





To genrate the token the workflow relise on an App that I've had to create in slack. If you already have a personal token `xoxp-..` you can use that one.


PS: this is my first workflow.




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1 hour ago, stefano said:

should I update anywhere the instrcution/package?


The best solution is to bundle requests with the workflow, the same way you did with Alfred-Workflow. Requiring users to use dev tools like npm or pip pretty much always causes problems.


Does workflow.web not work with the Slack API? It had some issues with SSL, but only on Sierra and older.

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16 hours ago, giovanni said:

@alfredpanda here you go. Please note that some status icons (e.g. :brb:) are not native to Slack and need to be installed (or edited). If others are interested I can make a more refined version where these icons are set in Workflow configuration etc.


It works!! 😍


Thank you so much.


I mean I'm biased but I would love a more comprehensive version where we could choose the emoji, messaging, default length etc.

I can see how I can already edit them though, so will experiment now.


Thank you so much!

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2 minutes ago, giovanni said:

that is how it was, as Argument is required. If you want to use the default set the Argument to optional.


My apologies. I'll look in closer detail at the arguments.


I also need to investigate why DND seems to enable even when selecting No, and why Clear doesn't seem to work. I might be overlooking something:



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