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Wooshy: Window to the Foreground!

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yes, that's the name of the Workflow.


so i build 2 Mac apps (kindaVim and Wooshy) and for the latter more specifically i want to be able to bring any Window foreground. the Wooshy apps allows you to click anywhere through searching on the Dock, the Menu Bar, and the Frontmost Window. but sometimes the Window you want to get is not foreground and you can't bring it foreground with Alfred. so i made this Workflow.


i saw there are already 2 workflows out there but 1) one is a tad slow to my taste and grabs tabs which i have no interest about 2) another one is way too slow for me to be usable. so here you go: Wooshy — Window to the Foreground!


it's blazing fast. below you can see that you can reach bring stuff front like the Accessibility permission prompt (finally).





currently it's done for my needs, so it lists the Windows that are visible, not the hidden or miniaturized ones. if you use the Workflow and need those let me know. also it should work with any app but at the same time i've been dealing with the macOS AX for the past two years and i know from experience that there's always some surprise. so please report if you find apps with which it doesn't work. was made in a day so no heavy real life testing yet.


downloadable on GitHub: https://github.com/godbout/WooshyWindowToTheForeground


hope this helps!

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1.1.0 out: https://github.com/godbout/WooshyWindowToTheForeground/releases/tag/1.1.0


* lower down macOS requirement to Big Sur
* the Alfred result if there's no window is now non valid (pressing return will do nothing)
* matching windows improved by matching with title, position, and size
* fixes for a couple of apps that wouldn't work (Dash, Brave, Chrome)

the matching is now extra accurate (window title, position and size), and fixes apps with weird titles. still instant fast 

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yes, i'm a maniac, sorry.


1.2.0 out: https://github.com/godbout/WooshyWindowToTheForeground/releases/tag/1.2.0


* currently focused window is removed from the Alfred results. unnecessary pollution

* results are now sorted according to windows orders: first result is frontmost window, last result is backmost window

* handles more types of windows, like the Accessibility Inspector and the Sublime Text Update mini window


that should be it for a while. next update will be the integration of the AlfredWorkflowUpdater (https://github.com/godbout/AlfredWorkflowUpdater) that needs a major rewrite to check and grab the updates in the background. so for much later.

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thanks for letting me know!


if you're finding windows that don't show up please let me know. i'm trying not to pollute the results, but there may be some other windows types that should go in there.

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i am extremely glad to announce you Wooshy: Window to the Foreground! 1.3.0


basically i rewrote the Alfred Workflow Updater as a Command Line Tool that runs in the background. Wooshy: Window to the Foreground! is the first Workflow to integrate it. so next time, no need to go to GitHub to download. the update will show up within the Alfred Results. also, online check and download and open all happen in the background, so the Workflow itself is the same blazing fast. enjoy!



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my pleasure.


although when it's gonna check for an update, you may get a message that the Updater comes from an unknown developer. This is Apple trying to belittle me! so there's another update :(




that fixes this issue, and now all is well.

you can also just go to their security settings blah blah blah to approve that actually you know the developer.

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just installed. it works fine here. are you sure you're not already focused on the window?


  • all visible windows are listed except the already currently focused one


Wooshy: Window to the Foreground! brings windows, not tabs. so if you're already on the window... doesn't make much sense to show it in the list. less pollution.

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