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No artwork in miniplayer


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2 hours ago, mickael said:

By looking further, it looks like :

I have tons of songs in my miniplayer that doesn't play at all

- I have some artworks working


But the two things are not correlated. I have some music entries that plays correctly without artwork.



First on the topic of songs not playing, there's a compatibility improvement for Music.app coming in 5.0.3 (not yet in pre-release) which should allow those tracks to play. 


However, on the artwork issue, could you see if there's some correlation between the type of tracks and not showing artwork? By that I mean, do you find that the tracks missing artwork are:

- Local non-Music.app subscription tracks (e.g. owned files you manually imported)

- Music.app albums you've downloaded

- Non-downloaded (streaming if you want to listen to them) Music albums?


It may help establish why they have no artwork. :)

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