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I have been sitting on this one for a while. Perhaps one or the other has a use for it, too 🤗

The concept of the workflow will look familiar as it started out as a clone of an existing variant. The difference is that it integrates a search functionality for your events and a per-week interface for interacting with calendar events. It implements a couple of gimmicks, such as a customizable icon for today, a location preview with Apple Maps and the option to open locations in Google Maps, an inline indicator for days with events, or a graphical representation of the relative position of the event in a day. 


I've also been experimenting with a smooth way to handle permissions. Let me know how and if that works out for you! 







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This looks pretty good! I was looking at it to include in the Gallery but noticed a few things.

The binary seems validly signed, so why the method to remove quarantining? It should run fine in user’s machines if notarised. There is a brief explanation in another post.

The need to specify the the font is unexpected. What does the workflow do to make that necessary?


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Thanks! The binary is signed only with a development certificate that I can use as a free-tier developer. For Apple to do their automated checks for notarization, they have you pay the annual €100 that make you eligible to try to put something on the App Store, afaik. And without notarization, the executable should stay in quarantine, whether it is signed or not - or not? Since I currently don't have a use for a payed Developer ID, I don't think that it is an option ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


36 minutes ago, vitor said:

Also, why the need to specify the font? What does the workflow do to make that necessary?


The white space width and overall padding is calculated on a per-font basis to render an as-flawless-as-possible calendar block. To get the font information by somehow probing the user's GUI is something I haven't had the patience to try to implement in Swift alone, yet. Perhaps that is a use case for osascript and something I could look into once I get motivated to pick up the project again. Anyway, to observe how the miscalculations mess up the rendered calendar, you can just change the font and not purge the cache. Not all whitespace is created equal  🫠

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