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Open workflow in Alfred given the path to workflow folder

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I have a workflow with a script filter action that queries all my Alfred workflows and passes the path to the selected workflow folder (e.g. `.../Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.0D987BB0-9A2B-4162-9A68-A9905DFEF52F`) to the next action such that


  • ↵ opens the workflow folder in VSCode
  • ⌘+↵ opens the folder in Finder.


My goal is to open the workflow in Alfred to edit it with ⌥ + ↵. Is this possible based on the file path to the workflow folder?


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Thanks @vitor, that worked perfectly!

For completeness, I post the new version below. Since the output of the script filter is the full path and the AppleScript only requires the folder name, I included a Search and Replace Utility with the search regex



and `$1` as the replacement to strip everything before the folder name.


The Run Script action then looks as follows:

on run
  tell application id "com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred" to reveal workflow "{query}"
end run



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@jjaybe this workflow would be even more useful if it could reveal the data and cache folders of the workflows in Finder. I often find myself navigating to these folders to clear their contents. If you do this, please release the workflow.

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