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how to fix margins on the little helper text for Alfred's file browser and actions menu?


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What theme are you using? That doesn't seem to happen for me when using, for example, the Alfred Modern Dark theme. Does it happen if you change to one of the (other?) standard themes?


If it's not a theme related problem what macOS and Alfred versions are you using?



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You've brought up something I didn't think about previously @Andrew. It seems that MacOS's Icons don't take up their entire canvas. Rather they occupy about 80%. So any custom icons that fill their canvas are going to look chonky compared to those using standard system icons.


Here is Safari's icon opened in Photoshop



I did a little digging and found mention of this on this page





Define a margin that measures about 10% of the image canvas and keep most of the image within it. Although parts of the image can extend into this margin for optical alignment, it’s best when the image occupies about 80% of the image canvas. For example, most of the center image in a 256x256 px canvas would fit in an area that measures 205x205 px.



Diagram of the solid pink heart shape within blue margins that measure 10 percent of the canvas width.




I think I will implement this margin in my future personal icons (as well as updating the Icon Generator workflow)


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