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Search Safari and Chrome Tabs [Updated Feb 8, 2014]

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If anyone is using Vivaldi, there was a simple fix in browser_tabs.rb line 20.


module BrowserTabs
  class << self
    def supported_browsers
      @supported_browsers ||= [
        'Google Chrome',
        'Google Chrome Canary',
        'Vivaldi' # I simply added this line


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On 06/06/2017 at 3:51 PM, iJemz said:

Can you think of a way to get this to work as part of the Default search or fallback search results?


It can be added as a fallback by adding a Fallback Search trigger, but it would be difficult, and not a great idea (see below), to add them to the default search.


As you've probably noticed, the only things that you can add to the default search results that Alfred doesn't natively support are additional filetypes.

As such, adding any data that aren't already individual files requires exporting them to individual files and creating an application that declares and handles your new filetype.


Trying to do that with browser tabs would require you to run a program that retrieves a list of open tabs from your browser(s) every few seconds via AppleScript. That's going to suck.

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