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Filesystem fuzzy search


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My no 1 missing feature is to be able to navigate to a folder (reveal in finder), that matches a partial (fuzzy) query.


For example. Say I have a project located at this path:


/Work/Projects/Clients/Bob/2013/New Year/Materials/Pictures


And I desperately want to open it in finder just by typing something like: PBob13NYP


This is well implemented in Intellij IDEA and Sublime Text. Typing this query (PBob13NYP) in those ides, would search through index of paths and highlight fuzzy matches like so:


/Work/Projects/Clients/Bob/2013/New Year/Materials/Pictures


I spend too much time navigating in finder or alfred using filesystem navigator. One useful addition that Alfred has for me - is ability to open looked up folder in specific application. That would be a bonus too.


Maybe it's already possible, but I couldn't find a way to do it. Thanks. 

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Alfred relies on Spotlight, so it _should_ be able to do this, e.g., if you type in 'grd' then Alfred could search using mdfind "kMDItemDisplayName=='g*r*d*'c" which might return 'generate_index_command.rb' or 'gnutls_x509_crq_set_challenge_password.3'.


But, that doesn't take into account word separators or some other complex filtering. If what you _really_ want is for 'grd' to return 'gnutls_record_discarded.3' but _not_ 'gnutls_record_get_discarded.3' then you're out of luck because Spotlight doesn't support grep. That said, you can create a workflow that does what you want, run the mdfind using the letters entered to get the base files, then filter them using a fuzzy search algorithm or grep and return them as files.

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