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Soundcloud.com Website Control

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Copied from the projects github.com page: https://github.com/benjaminpaap/SoundcloudControl


SoundcloudControl for Alfred2

This is an Alfred2 workflow to control an opened soundcloud.com tab in Google Chrome.



Just download the SoundcloudControl.alfredworkflow to your local harddrive and double click on it to open Alfred2 and import the workflow.



When installed correctly SoundcloudControl offers some commands to control an opened soundcloud.com tab in Google Chrome:


arrow_forward.png sc play

Plays the first song in the currently opened soundcloud tab. This could be your stream, a playlist or anything else.


hash.png sc pause

Stops the playback of the current song


fast_forward.png sc next

Plays the next song in the currently opened soundcloud tab


rewind.png sc prev

Plays the previous song in the currently opened soundcloud tab


heart.png sc like

Likes the current song



If you would like to use this workflow for another browser it would be great if you could contribute your changes to this repository as a pull request. I will review and merge it as fast as possible. Contributions are highly welcome.


This is my first workflow I shared. Any hints on improving this are highly appreciated.

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Great Workflow! 


In the first step autocomplete would be nice.

So i could just type in "sc n" and press enter to skip to the next song.


Something like that: 




Some more ideas: 

  • just show the pause and play button when it is needed (if possible)
    • "sc" + press enter would pause or play soundcloud
  • show the title of the song 
  • change the symbol to specific icons: play, pause, next, prev, love




That would be awesome! :)




I just found this: https://www.johneday.com/617/generate-feedback-in-alfred-2-workflows

Maybe it could help you. I have nearly no conception of apple script. 

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nice! That was fast and it works good. Sometimes it takes a few seconds to load, but that is ok. 



Here are my icon suggestions. It's a combination of the icons from the soundcloud page and from icon-fonts. 



Download files here: 




I noticed a few things:


1. When you type "sc " (sc + blank) there are all six options. 

But when you only type "sc" without the blank, "like" is missing. 


2. It would make sense to remove the hyphen at play too. 

Like "Title"

Pause "Title"

Play - "Title"


3. I get following error message, when i use the "open" command:

Google Chrome got an error: Can’t make or move that element into that container.

Error number-10024
4. And when Chrome is closed and i type in "sc " an emtpy Chrome window is opened. 
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Like in the previous comment: when I tried to make the workflow open a soundcloud tab (no soundcloud tab was already opened) I got the error "Google Chrome got an error: Can't make or move that element into that container" "Error number -10024".


Using Google Chrome 34. 



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