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Sticky Notification Popups


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If I remember correctly, Notification Center doesn't offer that kind of control on a per-notification basis. You can set all Alfred's notifications to be 'Alerts' instead of 'Banners'; then you will have to manually dismiss every notification.


Growl, on the other hand, is VERY customizable and offers a 'sticky' setting for each message.


I would also love it if Alfred launched a script on clicking a notification (Growl or NC). For Growl, even a simple URL callback would be great  :)



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I believe Tyler is correct. I don't think you have that kind of control over Notifications. With Growl though, you can specify these types of settings. I'm not sure of how it works with the new Workflows setup. I don't know if you can set a specific Workflow to display differently than others or not. 


Growlnotify (command line Growl) will allow you to set things like this though. This would only be helpful if you are looking to do this with a Workflow where you could manually call Growl. The documentation on their site doesn't indicate that Growlnotify supports callbacks yet but I'm pretty sure that it could be done with Applescript if you wanted to go that route.

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any plans on adding ability to run a script after it's been clicked?

Growl (using Applescript) and growlnotify can specify a URL to action on click, though not a script or system command. If you managed to set up a custom URL scheme, though.... ;)

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