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URL, Page Title and Selected Text Copy and Paste

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The workflow takes the url of the active safari tab, and copies it to the clipboard.

If you want it also throws the the page title in there. 

If you have selected some text, it tries to recognize that and takes that instead of the page title. 

It also can directly paste that whole string.


That's it. Tremendously helpful for IM conversations or as a starting point for a Tweet.


I have bound it like this


  • CMD Option U to copy URL
  • CMD Option Shift U to paste URL
  • CMD Option K to copy Page Title and URL
  • CMD Option Shift K to paste Page Title/Selected Text and URL


Originally created by Michael Matochkin, I adapted the workflow over time and now publish it here. Original credits in the readme: Based on Alfred extensions by Luca Soldaini (original applescript by Dr. Drang) and Zibity


I've used an icon from the Stylistica Icon Set


That should cover it. And of course: here is the UPDATED workflow download link (see my latest comment for more info)




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Thanks.  I've tweaked the title/URL scripts to produce Markdown links instead -- replace the first tell block in each with

tell application "Safari"
	set theURL to URL of front document
	set theTitle to name of front document
	set selectedText to (do JavaScript "(''+getSelection())" in document 1)
	set myCount to count (selectedText)
	if myCount is greater than 0 then
		set the clipboard to "\"[" & selectedText & "\"]" & "(" & theURL as string & ")"
		set the clipboard to "[" & theTitle & "](" & theURL as string & ")"
	end if
end tell
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