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Better support for Apple Music in the iTunes Mini Player

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As of iTunes 12.2 you can now favorite any track in addition to rating it (in iTunes menus, this is called 'Love'). It would be great if the iTunes Mini Player had a keyboard shortcut to favorite/unfavorite the currently playing track as well showing the current status.


Additionally, it would also be fantastic if the mini player could be able access iTunes' 'Up Next' feature. I.e. let me look at what tracks are coming up next in the current playlist without having to switch to iTunes.



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On 11/14/2017 at 5:21 AM, Vero said:

This is something we've been keeping an eye as currently, Apple doesn't give access to music outside of your local music library.


If Apple opens this up, we'll consider any possible changes to this :)




There was a great workflow that accomplished up next integration using iTunes pairing functionality. Unfortunately, with recent Ruby changes it no longer works.


It would be awesome if Alfred could integrate this functionality into the application, because I miss it dearly.



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