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17Track (a package tracking workflow)



The workflow can be used to search for a tracking code and check the progress of your deliveries.

It's easy to use, you can search for a tracking code using the keyword track <code to search>.

Then a list with the following informations about the results will appear:

  1. Delivery status
  2. Date
  3. [Location of the package] (Not always known)

When you open one result, by pressing Enter on it, the google translation link will be opened.

Note that the workflow tries to obtain the status in the language of the destination country, but this is not always possibile.

With the  modifier the delivery status will be copied to clipboard.

With the  modifier the tracking url will be copied to clipboard, so you can share it easily.

You can also use the hotkey <⌘>+<⌥>+<T> to use the selected text as input.

Look at the screenshots and the animated gif below.



In the new version you can easily save, load and delete tracking code from a Bookmark list (also called saved list in the Workflow).

You can use these features with the following queries:

  • track <tracking code>     The first entry is used to bookmark (save) a package. A name to associate will be asked.
  • track load                         Show the list with the last information (last time you used a track command on that item)
  • track del [keyword]         Show the bookmark list, press enter to delete an item.

Brief video to show bookmark list handling:




Author Emanuele Munafò

Version 1.1

Last release 31/07/2016

Email ema.muna95@gmail.com

Compatibility: Alfred v3 ( or higher)

                        Alfred 2 was NOT tested (but for sure you can't use the selected text feature).


Changelog and update

  • Added Bookmark list to track package easily. [31/07/2016]
  • First release [30/07/2016]








Click here to download from Packet






You can contact me here or by email if there is something wrong with the workflow.

You cannot contact me asking to add more carriers because the workflow use the 17track.net service.


  1. Slow for some tracking code (just the first time).
  2. Some times (during my test very rarely) it fails, but retrying it works.



  1. Saving tracking code and check for update daily with a user notify function.
  2. Improve algorithm, the first search can be very slowly.


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Thank you for sharing. I have been searching for a package tracking API to create a workflow. So your workflow is very welcome, but it will only be really useful to me once I can search for saved tracking numbers.


It was in the TODOs!

I added the Bookmark list feature in the new version (v 1.1), let me know if you have a problem.

In a short time I would add the auto-update feature. Stay tuned  :D !

The workflow was already updated on Packal, where you can download the new version.

Here a brief video to better explain the usage in 1 min.


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3 hours ago, face said:


i've downloaded it but not works in Alfred 3.6.

Any chance to update your workflow to make it workable with the new version of Alfred ?


This workflow has a broken version of Alfred-Workflow library. Did you follow the instructions to fix it?

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5 hours ago, face said:


i've downloaded it but not works in Alfred 3.6.

Any chance to update your workflow to make it workable with the new version of Alfred ?


"It doesn't work" is not a helpful description of an issue. Please follow the instructions in the pinned thread.


@xilopaint might be right: perhaps you just need to run Fixum. OTOH, he might be completely wrong because he's guessing, as your description contains no actionable information (you didn't even say with version of macOS you're on—which is very relevant to @xilopaint's advice).

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Thanks both and sorry for my poor description in my previous post.

I've installed Fixum but ... ehm not update the workflow.

Now i've done it and Fixum update 7Track workflow; now when insert 'track' is shown the 7Track icon in the bar with 'write your query' ...

But when insert (correct) tracking code i receive a:

No shipments with this code was found.

Check your internet connection.

It's odd, cause if i insert on 7Track website the same code i receive the correct information ...

Any hints ?



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Starting debug for '17Track'


[2018-04-03 22:02:30][STDERR: input.scriptfilter] 22:02:29 workflow.py:2247 DEBUG    ---------- 17Track (1.1.0) ----------

22:02:30 workflow.py:1657 DEBUG    reading settings from /Users/Fabrizio/Library/Application Support/Alfred 3/Workflow Data/com.17Track/settings.json

22:02:30 workflow.py:2440 DEBUG    set last run version: 1.1.0

22:02:30 workflow.py:2289 DEBUG    ---------- finished in 0.902s ----------

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Nothing relevant there.


The code was catching the true error, so I made some changes to find the issue:



HTTPError: HTTP Error 301: Moved Permanently


This led me to search for the API information on 17Track website:



Does 17TRACK have API?


Unfortunately, we currently don't offer our API for public use.

If you are in need of it, please contact our staff directly via email to discuss potential cooperation.

(Note: mark the email title as "API Inquiry")

Thank you!


Nothing we can do. The workflow is dead.

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I'm on vacation until sunday, i'm sorry to hear that.

The only I can do it's to send them an email just to be sure that a solution can't be found.

If so, i'll try to update the workflow with an other tracking manager with public API.


Thanks deanishe and xilopaint for the problem solving.

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