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Search across Cloud Platforms

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Has anybody found a good solution to search across multiple cloud platforms from within the Alfred search bar?  


I came across Findo today and like what it can do, but it would be so much better if we weren't forced to log into the chrome extension or website, but rather search from the Alfred search bar.  


Has anybody had a positive experience with any of these types of services?


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findo allows you to search across google drive, dropbox, email accounts, evernote all at the same time with some good modifiers.  so i'm looking to do that across those together rather than separately, since i can't always remember what service has the specific item i'm looking for.  rather than typing "ens [search]" for just searching evernote (with the great evernote search workflow, i might just type in the [search] and that would be performed over all of the cloud services, whether saved locally or not.



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I think the underlying problems of performance and differing APIs and capabilities etc. haven't changed.  e.g. with Dropbox, finding anything that's synced locally is trivially easy b/c the OS has already done the work of indexing it.  Doing a full-text search on files that aren't synced requires a $200/yr. Dropbox Pro subscription and a bunch of API calls.  

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6 hours ago, Dave_H said:

I'm resurrecting a 2+ years old thread to check if anyone has a new idea on how this can be achieved.


You could do a better job of it today with some of Alfred's newer features, but as @dfay says, nothing has changed much.


In my opinion, the main reason there isn't such a workflow isn't because it's not possible. It's because so far, nobody has wanted to actually make it.

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the closest thing to what you are looking for is AppWise (used to be Xendo) https://www.appdirect.com/products/appwise


other alternatives:

  • Diffeo (formerly Meta.sc) - https://diffeo.com/
  • Wuha - https://wuha.io/  (interface seems very similar to AppWise
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