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  2. Great, glad it's working, also your post made me update the images, so I don't blame you for not reading it, it looked all screwed up without the images.
  3. Oh my, maybe if I'd actually read your first post completely through I wouldn't have had to harass you, sorry! It absolutely works as stated. I updated to 4 before I saw your response so I can't specifically vouch for 3 but I'd bet it's fine and that it was just this user's error. @jer2665 Thanks for the workflow and your quick response!
  4. Hey @gonnatryanyways, it's been a while since I messed with this, but I just tested on alfred4 and it seems to work, no longer using alfred3 though, but doesn't bring up the list of items you can quit, but for me, 'quit boom' is working to quit boom3d for me, and usually you can just do "quit oversight" or whatever is up there and it'll work. Another way if that doesn't seem to work, you can just start typing 'boom' to get it to show the boom app, then you click ctrl and there are the file lists, you can either find the 'quit' in there, or press q to jump to it and hit enter and it should close that app. Hope that makes sense. It was definitely down and dirty, and I think I got it just good enough, and never found out how to display the list of items, so hopefully it'll just work for you, and if I get some time I'll try to actually make this work how it should and show the list of items.
  5. Deanishe, Thank you for your comments. All files on /PHILIPS are »xxxx.dss». So that poses no problem. I will try with the script you generously suggested. I problems arise, I might be given permission to return to the issue. If all works fine, I will return in form of thanking you. Harry Kujari
  6. That's the XY problem again. Please just describe what you are trying to achieve, not how you think it could be done. The above command I posted will create the zip for you. You just need to adjust the paths for your machine and put it in an Run Script action (Language = /bin/bash). Is that not sufficient? Your description isn't very detailed. Are there also files that don't have the extension .dss?
  7. Deanishe, Select all files from my dictation machine (a volume [/PHILIPS]. Copy them to a folder (residing on my dropbox folder). Open the target folder. (and, if possible, to detect all files with extension ».dss», compress them. The path from/to always the same. Regards, Harry Kujari
  8. Hi there @jer2665, this is an old thread but your workflow is exactly what I'm looking for; a way to exit menu bar apps (and for the same reason you listed, boom, although now I have Boom3d). I tried installing it but no apps show when inputing text, or at all if it was supposed to generate a list on selection of 'quit'. I'm on Alfred 3. Just in case you're still out there! 🤞
  9. @Daniel Spiewak Sorry about the delay on the reply to this - it's a tough one as Alfred is using the macOS APIs for file access and I suspect Smart Sync is doing something interesting in Finder to make the files appear to be local, something which we wouldn't have access or knowledge to. I'll add a note to look into what could potentially be done asynchronously within Alfred, but my hopes aren't golden. For now, one thing you could try is preventing Alfred from showing the preview info for these. You can do that in Features > Previews > No Previews In: Drag the Dropbox Smart Sync folder there, and instead of a preview of the file, you'll just see the default file type. If this doesn't work, you could also try disabling "Show Rich File Previews" above this. Let me know how you get on. Cheers, Andrew
  10. What’s your macOS version? Have you tried the troubleshooting steps?
  11. Ah, I think I know why this happens: Sketch changes up the Paste / Paste as Rich Text shortcuts. I fixed that by adding the reverse shortcuts to the Keyboard → Shortcuts settings:
  12. I'm a frequent user of the snippets feature. Sadly I can't really use it in https://www.sketch.com/ as it always pastes plain text as Helvetica, 12pt. Is there anything Alfred (or I) can do to fix this? Does something similar happen in other apps? Copying the text, pressing CMD + Z and pasting it again will paste it as plain text. I also often type the snippet in Alfred, copy the text and paste it into Sketch. That works too, but it's not quite as clean and productive as directly using snippets in the app. macOS Mojave 10.14.5 / Alfred 4.02 / Sketch 53.2
  13. Hey Carlos, it seems the clipboard image can't be used to create a note. The clipboard text is fine though.
  14. @Andrés Could you please let me know what path you see in each one? For example, mine are: in iTunes: /Users/[myusername]/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media in Alfred: ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml Before making any changes, let us know what paths you're seeing, and we'll take it from there. Cheers, Vero
  15. Are these paths always the same, or do you want to choose them during the workflow? That's all a bit finicky to do, especially reliably, but fortunately, I think that's an XY problem. What you actually want to do is put the contents of a volume in a zip file in Dropbox, right? Do you need the files there, too, or just the zip? Because zipping a volume is a simple shell one-liner: zip -r ~/Dropbox/folder/archive.zip /Volumes/PHILIPS/* Copying the files over, too, would require a second line.
  16. Don't move the file. Alfred (and everything else) expects it to be in iTunes' directory. If the file is where it's supposed to be, Alfred should just find it.
  17. Hi - not seen any reports of this issue elsewhere. Which version of OmniFocus 3 are you using? Latest release is v3.3.2
  18. Namecheap has suspended their domain, it seems.
  19. Yesterday
  20. @evanfuchs, yeah nofile.io seems to be down... not sure they will get back, but here is what I think are the 2 last scripts from my posts above. My answer regarding @Jasondm007 's script (using AppleScript): https://d.pr/f/2yFEeJ My other script (using Bash): https://d.pr/f/yLrWRS Hope this help!
  21. I've been losing my mind, reading all kind of topic in here, trying to understand how mine doesn't work. I've done everything: - Checking the box to "Share iTunes Library XML with other applications". - Restarting iTunes and Alfred over and over again - Restarting the macbook - Copying the library XML in Alfred preferences But no matter what I do, it doesn't work because when I go to Alfred's preferences to Features > iTunes > Advanced where the Library XML field it doesn't reflect the same one found in iTunes' own preferences. It doesn't show anything, I've tried to paste but it delete itself once I put ENTER, and the "find" button also doesn't work. HELPPP ME PLSSSS
  22. Any chance of resharing this example workflow? The link is dead. Thanks!
  23. Yeah, especially if noone else is having this. Well, I think it is getting close to public release, so, perhaps then we shall see.
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